Rules for Emergency Leave in Saudi Labor Law

If an expatriate faces an emergency situation while living in Saudi Arabia, are there any rules for emergency leave or vacation in Saudi Labor Law? We have covered this topic in this article.

What is an emergency situation?

Expatriates live thousands of miles away from their families and there could be a situation where they have to be in their home country on an emergency basis. It could be anything from the illness of parents or the death of a family member. 

The problem is that when employees ask for an emergency vacation in Saudi Arabia, their employers exploit them. 

What is an emergency situation?Emergency Leave in Saudi Labor Law

Although there are 10 types of leaves covered by Saudi Labor Law including annual leave and sick leave, there is nothing with the name “emergency leave”.

However, if the emergency is related to the death of a family member such as parents, children, or wife, Article 113 of Saudi Labor Law entitles the employee to get 5 days fully paid vacation.

Keep in mind that even if you can take a leave due to the death of a family member, the Saudi Labor Law does not force the employer to issue an exit re-entry visa for that. 

saudi labor law emergency leaveEmergency Leave in Company Policy

As Saudi Labor Law is silent about it, the emergency vacation solely depends upon the company policy or the discretion of the employer. 

Normally medium and large-sized entities grant emergency vacation and issue an exit re-entry visa to their employees on humanitarian grounds.

saudi labor law emergency leave

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