Rules for opening of mosques after curfew

As we know that the Saudi government has allowed the mosques to open from May 31, the Ministry of Islamic affairs has issued some guidelines which everyone has to follow. In a circular sent to mosque staff across Saudi Arabia, the Ministry instructed to follow these precautionary measures.

Rules for the opening of mosques after curfew

#1: Mosques will open 15 mins before Adhan and close after 10 mins of prayer.

#2: The time between Adhan and Iqama will be only 10 minutes.

#3: The doors and windows will remain open during all this time.

#4: All the copies of the Holy Quran and other books will be removed from shelves.

#5: Ensure that attendees will keep a 2 meters distance.

#6: Ensure that one row is left between each row.

#7: Water coolers and refrigerators will remain closed.

#8: No distribution of water in mosques.

#9: Toilets and ablution places will remain closed.

Rules for the Friday prayers

#1: The mosques will open 20 mins before the Friday prayer and close after 20 minutes.

#2: Friday sermon along with the prayer will be only for 15 minutes.

Rules to follow by the worshippers

#1. Wear a face mask.

#2. Bring their own prayer rugs and not leave them after the prayer.

#3. Prevent accompanying children under 15 years of age from entering mosques.

#4. Perform ablution at home.

#5. Avoid crowding while entering and exiting the mosques.

How to offer Fajr and Isha prayer in Masjid during curfew?

Starting from May 31, the Non-Curfew hours will be from 6 am to 8 pm. It also means that Fajr and Isha prayer will be performed during curfew hours. A question arises, how can we offer Fajr and Isha prayer in mosques during curfew?

The Ministry of Interior has allowed movement within the neighborhood during Fajr and Isha prayer so that people can perform it in Masjid.

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