Royal Jordanian Pilot proposes his Girlfriend in the Flight

Royal Jordanian Airline’s pilot Captain Richard came up with a new idea to ask his loved ❤️ one to share a life with him.

He ought that many people have proposed their loved ones on land, so he shall seek the sky for this purpose. And he did!

Captain Richard, an assistant captain at the Royal Jordanian flight that took off from Amman and landed in Dubai, proposed to his lady ❤️ in the air! While he and his loved one were onboard, the captain thought it was the perfect time to propose to her.

He went forth to his girlfriend and announced that today’s flight is an important flight for him. His love is onboard with him.

He then bent down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. He was equipped with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a shiny ring 💍.

The love was in the air and the girl said yes! People onboard started to congratulate them.

They became hit on social media soon after the Jordanian carrier posted their photographs on their social media accounts.

On the official Facebook page of the carrier, their pictures were posted with a wish that they enjoy happiness forever. 

The captain and the girl who is very close to his heart were congratulated by social media users. There were tons of wishes for them.

Some men even asked for advice from the captain for a successful marriage proposal. Some female users took it to another level and declared that they would marry a guy who would propose to them in a similar way.

Well, captain, it looks like you have set a benchmark for many! We wish you and your girl and happy life ahead!

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