Saudi Royal Family gives farewell to their driver

A Saudi royal family gave a farewell party to their Sri Lankan driver who worked for them for 33 years. Several people of the royal family attended the party which was held at Prince Abdul Raman bin Farhan Al-Saud’s place in Riyadh.

76 years old driver, Samy, said that he did not feel like a stranger in his 33-year tenure as a driver of the royal family. According to Samy, the royal family treated him like part of the family.

An incident to remember   

Samy affirmed the generosity of the Saudi royalty by stating an incident in which the prince of Saudi Arabia summoned him and gave SR 10,000 after a relative of Samy had stolen the same amount from him.

Samy’s statement about him being a part of the family was reinforced by Prince Abdul Rahman’s grandson, Prince Mansour bin Saad Al-Saud, who said that he could not imagine the palace without Samy and always considered him a part and parcel of his family.

They used to call him Prince Samy

He said that he found affection, warmth, and respect as well as good treatment under the royal employment. The fact that the prince called him ‘prince Samy jokingly, proved the good nature of the royal family.

The Royal family is upset with his departure

A relative of the imperial family, Yousuf Al-Hadithi who is a university professor said that they decided to give Samy a farewell when he wanted to retire after his long service of 33 years, despite the fact that the royal family was very upset with his decision. 

Samy is just one example of Saudi generosity; there must be many other non-Muslims are working for Saudis without any prejudice in the treatment from the employers.

Source: Arab News

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