Rohingya Muslims are not our Problem – Bangladesh PM

Muslims are being killed like harmful insects: The Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, unfortunately, are being killed in a way as we kill some harmful insects. These Muslims who form a minority there, are facing genocide. Their condition there is worse than ever.

Muslim women are being raped: The Muslim females are killed after being raped multiple times while men and children are being torn into pieces brutally. Many Muslims have fled to other countries, yet there are still around 1.1 million Muslims there who are being deprived of life.

These Muslims are deprived of citizenship and identity cards. They shall be rescued or they will be killed or starved to death! This is a wakeup call for all the Muslims as well as the rest of the world.

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Why don’t they just migrate to other countries? Are you thinking that why are these Muslims living there why don’t they just migrate to other countries? Well, this is the biggest issue for Rohingya Muslims.

You see that Bangladesh is the only Muslim country that is geographically sharing a border with Myanmar.

Bangladesh should open its border for these poor souls, yet what Bangladesh is doing is heartbreaking. While they have allowed entry to a few thousand Rohingya Muslims, they have denied entry to hundreds of thousands of them.

Rohingya Muslims are not our Problem: In an interview, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wazed said that she should not be asked about the Myanmar Muslims. She claimed that this is the issue of the Myanmar government. The Muslims living there is Myanmar’s responsibility, not Bangladesh’s.

The world shall question the Myanmar government not them! When asked that these Muslims need humanitarian support and this is an issue of basic humanitarian rules, the moral principles compel Bangladesh to support and help these Muslims, she simply talked about issues of Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh is an overpopulated country: She said that Bangladesh is an overpopulated country and the world must realize that Bangladesh cannot bear the burden of these refugeesShe then commented that things are okay now. Things have improved as no more refugees are coming.

The fact is that Bangladesh’s guards had physically returned these refugees back. There are several pictures depicting that Bangladesh’s guards pushed back the refugees.

50,000 Refugees were pushed back: According to a UN report, 50,000 refugees were pushed back to Myanmar by Bangladesh. However, she rejected all the claims and said that the guards had behaved humanitarian.

They provided these refugees with food, water, money, and medicines and asked them to go to their homes (homes or send them to danger zone again?)

When told that these refugees were forced to go back, she simply stated that they weren’t forced but persuaded! We asked them to return and they did. 

You have sent them back to danger: When the interviewer claimed that you have sent them back to danger, they fled away and you denied them with the entry, she asked that why shall they let them come into Bangladesh?

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