Roaa Al Sahhaf, the first Saudi female circus performer

Roaa Al Sahhaf has won the title of a first Saudi woman to ever perform publicly in a circus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This 41-year-old and a mother of three daughters is a Saudi aerialist who performed mid-air tricks six meters high on the trapeze set at Taif festival in August and now she has publicly performed in a circus representing Saudi Arabia.

For Roaa Al Sahhaf, it was like her dream come true as she always loved the circus and also wanted to become its part. Al Sahhaf said she was extremely happy and felt proud that her first circus performance was held in her home country.

Al Sahhaf had also opened Saudi Arabia’s first certified art studio in Jeddah and later in other cities. In her studio, she coaches Yoga, Pilates, pole dancing and aerial tricks on hoops and silk to girls and women of all ages.

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Roaa Al Sahhaf took training in France

She got the motivation when she uses to go to the circus as a child. At that time, she always dreamt of being a part of the circus. But her motivation pursued her to practice this art when she was 29-year-old and visited the circus in Paris.

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At that time, she went backstage and requested the aerialists to let her try once, after which she easily enrolled herself and decided to become an aerialist. Although it was difficult for her she remained determined to achieve her goal.

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She used to train girls underground

Al Sahhaf got 13 certificates including as a student, instructor, choreographer of aerial arts and also circus fitness from Paris and Lebanon where she enrolled herself whenever she got the opportunity. In 2003 she returned back to the Kingdom and started her career from her inspiration.

However, her start was of low profile and she gave classes some of the selected girls from her home or underground gyms.

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She used to perform in many private events

Al Sahhaf also disclosed that she used to perform aerial arts in many private events without disclosing her identity but now she had started to perform as a Saudi nationalist after the nation is transforming from the conservative one.

Al Sahhaf started performing her art locally in 2016 when the kingdom started transforming and the General Entertainment Authority was also created where all the artists planned to perform with their art.

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She has officially opened her studio

Al Sahhaf expressed her greatest joy and achievement lies in her success and her Kingdom’s success that she is now invited to participate in events as a Saudi artist.

She opened her studio after her encouragement by her parents and friend beside this it was her need because she began to receive incessant calls from women who are interested to practice her art and join her classes.

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Her students love her and enjoy practicing her art because for them it is a fun and an interesting one at the same time. Age doesn’t matter all you have to be is in good health to practice the fun art.

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