12 attractions of Riyadh Season 2024

One of the world’s biggest and most entertaining winter programs, Riyadh Season, is back for 2023 with all its attractions.

Riyadh season has all the tempting delights to make it visit-worthy. From several prominent culinary delights to beholding the Saudi culture, the Riyadh season has something for everyone. So, let’s see what Riyadh season is!

The start of Riyadh Season 2023

The Riyadh season 2023 starts on the 28th of October. The Riyadh season will be bigger and better this year, with much excitement and surprises. Thus, if you want elevated fun, wonder, and entertainment, mark your calendar for the 28th!

How big is Riyadh Season 2023?

There would be 12 million visitors for this season. Turki Alalshikh, the Saudi General Entertainment Authority chief, has provided this estimate.

Riyadh Season 2023 attractions

Here are some attractions you must explore at the Riyadh Season 2023!

  1. Boulevard City

The Riyadh season’s most attractive site is the Boulevard City. Situated in the northern part of Riyadh, it offers various entertainment and joy. It is surrounded by playgrounds for endless fun.

It is finished by enchanting gardens that feature the ever-mesmerizing dance fountain—equipped with cafes offering quality, taste, and tempting food from around the globe.

But you can also find tasty Saudi food! Also, for those interested in arts and music, there are several theaters for them!

  1. Boulevard World

Boulevard World tends to offer a cultural journey. It is a place offering cultural diversity. It is where cultures meet and offer entertainment beyond sports and arts.

  1. Boulevard Hall

Architectural experts and technical magicians created this architectural marvel in just 60 days.  It can accommodate around  40,000 visitors. This beauty offers endless, engaging entertainment!

  1. Food Truck Park

Food Truck Park is another attraction of Riyadh Season 2023, where your taste buds are delighted! It tends to offer both national and international flavors. The best delicacies of food trucks worldwide are hosted in one place.  Thus, whether you love Saudi food or international cuisine, you shall be getting a treat here!

  1. Al Murabba Palace

This is a royal garden of the  Al Murabba Palace. This is where you will be served with quality cafes, restaurants, and promising live shows!

  1. VIA Riyadh

VIA Riyadh is a modern Oasis designed in a sophisticated Salmani style and offers a moderate blend of luxury, culture, and entertainment. It has a five-star hotel, a premium cinema, high-class restaurants and cafes, and high-end boutiques.

  1. Wonder Garden

The Wonder Garden can be defined as a magical amusement park. It is where imagination meets reality. If you are the kind of person who wants to have fun and is young at heart, then this is the place you need to explore.

Its three distinct zones feature modern and unique rides, pink flamingos, and exquisite trees.

  1. Riyadh Zoo

The Riyadh Zoo is now even better. With new species, you can now experience wildlife much more explicitly. If you go there, see the prestigious Red Panda as you won’t find any other in the Middle East.

You shall also explore the six distinct sub-areas to experience the diverse ecosystem of Africa. Each offers a glimpse into the diverse ecosystems of Africa, and witness the majestic red panda, a first in the Middle East!

  1. Roshn Front

Roshn Front tends to offer a unique and uplifted urban experience. It is not just a space where you can socialize; it offers connectivity, innovation, and curiosity—elevating your work, play, dining, and shopping experience.

  1. The Groves

So Groove is back in 2023! However, it is located at a new venue and is set to entertain through innovation!

  1. Souq Al Awaleen

Revisit time and get into the grips of the enchanting experience the old Najdi market offers as you walk through Souq Al Awaleen. You shall also be amazed by the performances and events that are very entertaining. There are several traditional stores where you find classic stuff which enriches cultural affection.

  1. Suwaidi Park

Have you witnessed seven cultures? Well, Al-Suwaidi Park aims to offer seven different cultures in seven weeks. Sounds entertaining and unique! All this is set to take place at Riyadh’s largest parks. Thus, enjoy food, culture, music, entertainment, shows and dances worldwide!

Book tickets for the Riyadh season 2023

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