Rights of Working Women under Saudi Labor Law

Saudi Labor Law protects the rights of employees and employers in a very effective way. There is no doubt in stating that if Saudi Labor Law is fully implemented, all the employees working in Saudi Arabia will be very happy. One of the basic reasons of non-implementation of the soul of Saudi Labor Law as far as rights of employees are concerned is due to ignorance about the rights of employees. We have published a detailed article about rights of employees working in Saudi Arabia before. Today we shall be writing about the rights of working women under Saudi Labor Law. Saudi Labor Law provides too many rights especially for women and I think every working woman in Saudi Arabia should know about these rights.

End of Service Benefits: Calculation of End of Service Benefits depends upon the resignation by the employee or termination by the employer. In the case of resignation employee gets lower End of Service Benefit but in the case of Termination by the employer, the employee gets more End of Service Benefits. However, a special relaxation has been provided to female workers in this regard. If a female worker resigns within six months of the date of her marriage or within three months of the date of giving birth, she will be having her full award of End of Service Benefits. The full award here means that for the calculation of End of Service Benefits, it will be treated as Termination by Employer. Article 87 of Saudi Labor Law

Maternity Leaves: A working woman is entitled to have 10 weeks of maternity leave. We have published a detailed article on this subject. Recommended: Rules related to Maternity Leave for Working Women in Saudi Arabia

In Case of Death of Husband: Special arrangements are made by the Saudi Labor Law for the working women who becomes widow due to any reason.  A Female Employee working in Saudi Arabia are entitled to a leave in case of death of her husband. The period of leave varies between Muslim and Non-Muslim employee. Recommended: Leaves for Women in case of Death of her Husband under Saudi Labor Law

Retirement Age: Retirement age for working women in Saudi Arabia has been set as 55 years unless both parties agree otherwise. Recommended: What is the Retirement age in Saudi Arabia?

Childcare: An employer who is employing 50 or more women shall provide the women with a suitable place with adequate nannies to take care of their children under 6 years old. (Article 159 of Saudi Labor Law)

Deployment at Mine or Quarry: Women cannot be deployed at a mine or quarry by the employer (Article 186 of Saudi Labor Law)

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