Rights of Night shift workers in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has taken an initiative in regulating the rights of the night shift workers. Ahmed bin Suleiman Al Rajhi, who is the minister of Labor and Social Development has issued the following decree for the night workers:

Who is a night shift worker?

  • A night worker is one who works between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. As normal working hours are between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.
  • A night worker is one who must work a minimum for three hours at night.

Rights of Night shift workers

  1. Right to health services

The night workers have the right to health services. They shall have a right to get a medical report clarifying that they are medically fit and eligible for night work.

  1. Shifting hours to daytime-job

If the report declares them unfit for a night job, they shall have the right to shift their hours to day time. They shall be employed in the same organization yet work at night.

This facility, according to the minister, is available to anyone who comes up with the medical report and 24 weeks and plus pregnant women. In such a case, their job is shifted to day time and they shall have access to food services.

In these cases, the employer must transfer employees to shifts during normal hours and ensure they have access to food services.

  1. Adjustment of hours

Night workers have a right to adjustment of working hours, higher wages and other benefits.

  1. Transportation facility

The night workers have a right to safe and secure transportation. If not, they shall be given a transport allowance.

  1. Benefits of working at night

The night workers shall receive an allowance in accordance with their work, or their working hours be reduced keeping the same wage or enhancing the benefits at the same working hours.

  1. Right of equality with daytime-worker

The night workers have a right to equality with day time workers. They shall be entertained with equal rights and shall be provided with training, qualification, seniority, promotions and so others.

  1. Limited night job

An employee can work at night shift for a maximum of 3 months, he shall then be shifted to the day job for a minimum of 1 month. However, if he wishes to continue his night job due to personal reasons, he shall have written consent of it in his file.

Source: Arab News

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