5 tenant rights as per new rent policy in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has launched a new rent policy according to which all the residential contracts between a tenant and landlord are made electronically.

Rights of Tenants

Here are the rights of the tenant as per the new rent policy in Saudi Arabia;

House fit to live

The tenant should inspect the house before taking possession. All the repair and maintenance of the house is the responsibility of the landlord at the time taking the possession.

new rent policy in saudi arabia

Hijri v/s Gregorian Calendar

There are 365 days in the gregorian calendar and 355 days in the Hijri calendar. According to the new rent policy in Saudi Arabia, all electronic residential contracts must be signed with the Gregorian calendar.

Major Repair & Maintenance

The minor repair and maintenance in the house is the responsibility of the tenant while the major one is paid by the landlord. For example,

  • The broken sink is to be fixed by the tenant.
  • Water leakage affecting walls or ceiling to be fixed by the landlord.

Evacuation Notice

According to the new rent policy in Saudi Arabia, the landlord does not have any right to send an evacuation notice to the tenant before the expiry of the rental contract. If he does so, the tenant can contact the Saudi police number. 

Ownership Transfer

In the case of the transfer of ownership of the house, the contract between the landlord and the tenant remains valid. The new landlord is required to complete the contract. He cannot ask the tenant to vacate the house.

Duties of Tenants

  • The tenant is obligated to pay the rent on the agreed dates.
  • The tenant cannot take any action that would result in a change to the rental units without obtaining the written consent of the landlord or his agent.
  • The tenant cannot use a residential property for commercial purposes unless written approval is received by the landlord.
  • Deliver the house to the landlord in the same situation as it was taken over by the tenant.

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