What is the Retirement age in Saudi Arabia?

Article 74 of Saudi Labor Law sets the retirement age for all working employees in Saudi Arabia be they Saudis or expats, men or women.

According to an article published in Arab News in 2017, more than 330,000 expats are working in Saudi Arabia beyond their retirement age.

Retirement Age in Saudi Arabia

  • Retirement age for Saudi + expat men in Saudi Arabia: 65 years.
  • The retirement age for Saudi + expat women in KSA: 55 years.
  • Retirement age for male government employees: 65 Years.

Should we calculate the retirement age on the basis of the Hijri or Gregorian calendar? Article 10 of Saudi Labor Law states that all the periods and dates should be calculated on the basis of the Hijri calendar.

retirement age in saudi arabia for expats

Termination/Resignation at Retirement Age

As per Article 74 of Saudi Labor Law, an employee can resign and the employer can terminate the contract at retirement age without any penalty. It means that;

  • The employee will receive the full End of Service Benefits if he resigns at the retirement age in KSA.
  • Similarly, the employer will not have to pay any additional benefit to the employee for termination at the retirement age.

If the employment contract goes beyond the retirement age, it can be terminated at the contract completion date.

Work Visa age limit in Saudi Arabia

Work Visa age limit in Saudi Arabia

The maximum age limit for an expatriate to enter Saudi Arabia on a work visa is 55 years. The Saudi embassy does not process a work visa on the passport of an employee who is above 55 years old.

  • However, there is no age limit for the iqama renewal. A working expat can renew his Iqama for as long as his employer is comfortable with him.
  • Similarly, there is no age limit for the transfer of sponsorship in Saudi Arabia. 

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