Retired Saudi Pilot turns into a Mechanic

While pilot and car mechanic are different jobs, a person passionate about both can pursue them! These are not words, but has been done by a Saudi man.

This is the story of Ali Al-Shahri who hails from Abu Arish Governorate in Jazan. He had served Army as a pilot. He was employed under the leadership of Royal Saudi Land Forces Maintenance Corps Department. He served there for 30 years and then retired.

However, he observed that many people sit at him after retirement, doing nothing, but this was impossible for him. He is an active person and loves work requiring physical challenges. After relaxing for six months after retirement, he decided to take up his hobby of car repair as a profession.

He told that he has gotten experience of car repair and maintenance from different parts of the world including Saudi Arabia. Then, while he was at home after retirement, someone advised him to take up his passion and invest in it to spend his time.

And thus, he did! He opened his own car repair and maintenance workshop. He told that life is a name of counting days and so he is also enjoying his life while counting the days!

Source: Al Arabiya

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