How to resign/terminate contract in Qiwa?

After submitting your resignation to your employer, you should always resign and terminate the contract in Qiwa as well.

Why to resign in Qiwa?

It is better to terminate your contract in Qiwa after the official resignation;

  • The employer cannot play around.
  • The notice period starts in the eyes of the government.
  • Qiwa Employee Transfer becomes obligatory on the employer.
  • You have a better standing in a legal case.

Terminate the contract in Qiwa

To resign in Qiwa, you need to;

  • Find the desired contract and click on ‘Terminate contract’.
  • Choose the reason for termination.
  • Select the last working day

Remember that you must comply with the rules for the notice period in Saudi Arabia while selecting the last working day. You can also request the employer to reduce the notice period through Qiwa at this stage.

  • Review the details and select ‘Send termination request.’

Post Termination Process

As soon as you complete the contract termination process in Qiwa, your employer will be notified.

  • Your contract will be terminated after the notice period is over.
  • If you requested a shorter notice period, wait for your employer’s approval. Once approved, your contract will end on the agreed-upon date.
  • During the probation period, your contract will be terminated immediately.

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