Expats can apply for Saudi Citizenship in 3 Months

In Feb 2005, the Ministry of Interior announced that expats can apply for Saudi citizenship in 3 months if they meet certain conditions. What happened to that plan after that?

Prior conditions to get Saudi Citizenship

According to the proposed bill, the following conditions were imposed;

  • At least 10 years stay in Saudi Arabia while leaving only on exit reentry visa.
  • No foreign trip in the last 5 years.
  • A degree in medicine, science, technology, and computers would be given preference.
  • Palestinian are not eligible to apply.
  • Dual nationality is not allowed.

What happened after that?

The proposed law for granting Saudi Citizenship to expats went through many phases, different rules, regulations were discussed until it was finalized.

Finally, in November 2021 the first 5 expats who have specialized skills in science, culture, and technology were given Saudi Nationality. Since then, thousands of Iqama holders have been awarded Saudi nationality.

As per the current rules, the iqama holders for the Saudi nationality are chosen by the Saudi government, there is no way to apply for it yourself.

Source: Arab News

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