Residential complex Marbella in Dubai

An exciting project from the renowned developer DAMAC Properties for the end of 2022 was a new community under construction with Marbella townhouses. What is important to know about the complex, and why is it so alluring? Learn more in this review of MARBELLA in Dubai.

Marbella at DAMAC Lagoons Essentials

The main thing you should know about the Marbella complex, in a nutshell:

  • Kinds of properties: four- and five-bedroom townhouses;
  • Booking: 20% at the time of booking;
  • Payment plan: 80/20 when commissioned;
  • Location: DAMAC Lagoons;
  • Real estate developer: Damac Properties.

Overview of townhouses in Marbella in DAMAC Lagoons

Presenting Marbella in the area of the DAMAC Lagoons with pleasure. The newest DAMAC Properties complex, Marbella in Damac Lagoons, offers the most opulent living options in Dubai townhouses and four- and five-bedroom villas. In this masterfully depicted corner of love and desire, luxury is visible in the infrastructure, and DAMAC’s renowned urban designs there establish a new standard for quality of life.

Thanks to innovations you would never have had in the past, in any of Dubai’s complexes, your fantasies of the ideal life will come true here. The best services improve every part of life, make the world a better place, and make life easier. The design of the housing estate on the water is a keynote that was applied to capture the essence of the Mediterranean way of living and was supported by the use of opulent interiors in a contemporary style.

The days that are about to arrive here will free you from the pressures of daily life, give you the chance to experience incredible pleasure, and permanently engrave themselves into your memories. In a lavish environment of comfort and elegance, the best entertainment and recreational services are provided.

The exquisite villas and townhouses in Marbella will send you on a rich and enjoyable journey every day of your life. In this lovely and thoughtful place, convenience and joy will be your regular companions. You’ll fall in love all over again thanks to the excellent accessibility, services, and design, while the harmonious integration of modern conveniences and natural elements will make you feel at ease and conscious every day.

Key points of the project:

  • Lavish villas and townhouses with four and five bedrooms;
  • Premium-style living on the promenade;
  • Virtual reality park and paved paths;
  • Building block pavilion and floating flower market;
  • Location in the DAMAC lagoons in Dubai;
  • Easy and quick access to water facilities and beach zones;
  • Nice payment plan;
  • Fully-developed community with up-and-coming services and facilities.

Amenities in Marbella in Damak Lagoons

Marbella at DAMAC Lagoons, with its stunningly beautiful townhouses and villas, is the epitome of luxury in every way. Magnificent architecture has been inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and its culture. DAMAC Lagoons residents simultaneously experience a brand-new, magnificent tale that fills them with feelings they have never experienced before. When considering luxury living, there are beautiful, exquisitely designed residences everywhere that offer some of the most breathtaking views imaginable. Enjoy the beach activities, the indoor and outdoor sports facilities, the waterfall in the mountains, and the water theater.

The convenient location makes it easy to get to the famous sights of the metropolis.

Attractions closeby:

  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • A beach;
  • Burj Al Arab;
  • A tennis court;
  • Al Maktoum International Airport;
  • Pedestrian and bike trails;
  • Dubai Marina;
  • Public parks;
  • Dubai International Airport.

Payment plan for DAMAC Marbella townhouse

Property purchasers in Marbella benefit from a flexible payment plan. The following payment plan is provided by the developer:

  • 20% down payment;
  • 60% during the construction phase;
  • 20% at the handing over of the keys.

Types of townhouses in DAMAC Marbella

The layout choices at DAMAC Marbella offer clients gorgeous residences in the format of townhouses and villas with four and five-bedroom options. Enjoy this wonderful way of lifestyle, which consists of private, pleasant living, entertainment, leisure, and atmosphere.

Townhouses in Marbella in the Damac Lagoons’ master plan

The villas developed by DAMAC Properties in Marbella have an architecture with a Mediterranean influence that has a certain charm and a way of life that encourages serenity and love in daily living. Use this opportunity to introduce your loved ones to the essence of luxury and leisure. This amazing location offers a wide range of perks and conveniences for a better living with like-minded individuals. The pleasure is increased by this. Thanks to premium services, entertainment areas, and amenities, as well as a number of other advantages that are difficult to find in the same quantity elsewhere, people will feel more fulfillment and joy in wellness centers and zones.

Townhouses at DAMAC Marbella: what else is on the map

Townhouses in Marbella are situated near Dubai’s famous DAMAC lagoon. In this area, the presence of water-related facilities always results in the creation of a new hobby. You can also expect living a glamorous life here because you won’t ever feel overwhelmed or alone. Everything you might require for daily living is quickly and easily accessible.

You can simply access all the services and amenities you may require thanks to the range of transport and network alternatives, and the selection of surrounding stores that can meet your demands will surprise you. Some of the best and biggest luxury and infrastructure developments are located here.

Property in Marbella in DAMAC Lagoons means:

  • Housing type: townhouses;
  • Types of layouts: four and five bedrooms;
  • Area: between 2,273 and 3,377 sq. f.;
  • Legal possession type: freehold (full ownership) with 20% initial payment;
  • Payment plan: 80/20;
  • Completion date: 2026;
  • Developer: Damac Properties;
  • Starting price: AED 1,900,000.

Townhouses in Marbella by Damac are offered for sale in the Damac lagoons.  Make a decision today to live a better life!

About DAMAC Properties, the real estate developer

Since 1982, DAMAC Properties, a branch of the DAMAC Group, has influenced the Middle East’s premium real estate sector. It provides famous residential, commercial, and recreational properties throughout the region and beyond.

The name “DAMAC Properties” is sometimes used simultaneously with “high quality,” “comfort,” and “reliability.” Additionally, the company bears a significant amount of responsibility for the growth of countries, building communities for a fundamentally higher standard of living. The developer continues to care for the comfort of occupants even after the commissioning of the amenities, in addition to renting out high-quality homes. DAMAC connects with its communities through initiatives like the Hussain Sajwani Foundation in a way that minimizes hardships, responds to urgent needs, and provides the programs required to create a sustainable future.

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