SR 50,000 reward for reporting an illegal expat

Jamaan Bin Ahmad Al Ghamidi who is the consultant to the public security announced that a reward amounting SR 50,000 would be given to individuals reporting the expats who are violators of residency and labor laws of the Kingdom. 

He also briefed that those employers who have employed illegal expats shall face strict punishments. Al Ghamidi said that zero tolerance would be shown towards such employers.

The reason is that the illegal foreigners residing in the Kingdom pose a great threat to security and the economy. They are imposing social and health dangers as well. Thereby anyone involved in assisting the illegal expats shall face a penalty.

In the meeting, Al Ghamidi requested the foreigners with legal issues to formalize their situation as soon as possible.  

According to the General Authority for Statistics, out of a population of 34 million in Saudi Arabia, more than 13 million are foreigners.

Having foreigners is not an issue for Saudi Arabia, yet an issue is an abundant number of illegal expats! In this regard, Saudi Arabia has been deporting around 10,000 to 15,000 illegal expats every week out of the country. 

  • How to report? You can report through this link.

Source: Gulf News

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