Report an illegal business – Earn SR 1 million reward

Do you know that the Saudi Government is offering commission-based compensation to those who report illegal business activities in Saudi Arabia?

So, if you come across any illegal business activities, don’t hesitate to report them and be a part of creating a corruption-free society.

Earn SR 1 million reward

Individuals who provide information about an illegal business valued over SR 9 million, leading to the seizure of assets, will be eligible for rewards. The maximum value of the reward will either be 5% of the confiscated funds or SR1 million.

How to report?

To earn a reward of a maximum of SR 1 million or 5% of the seized funds, the application must be submitted online with the appropriate documents. Here is the process;

Whistleblower rights

The authorities have approved new legislation to safeguard whistleblowers’ rights, encouraging the public to report any unauthorized endowments.

Investing in the endowment industry and improving public services are crucial steps toward achieving prosperity and growth in Saudi Arabia. The authority recognizes this and is committed to developing and enhancing the sector to benefit the public and the economy.

Source: Arab News

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