Procedure for Replacement of Damaged Iqama

You are required by Law to carry your original Iqama with you wherever you travel in Saudi Arabia. If you are caught not carrying your Iqama, you can be fined or deported from Saudi Arabia in extreme cases. Have a look at this article for further details about fines and penalties. However, it is possible that plastic card of your Iqama is damaged or broken at any time. This damaged card will not be accepted by the authorities so you will have to replace it from Jawazat. The process of replacing the Iqama is very simple and explained in the below paragraphs.

Step by Step Process for the replacement of Damaged Iqama

First of all, ask government relations officer of your company to fill the form to replace damaged iqama. You need signatures and stamp of your Kafeel upon that form. Recommended: Download form 58 to change iqama profession or replace lost, damaged Iqama

If your Iqama is still valid for one year, make payment of SR 500. If it is valid for more than one year, make payment of SR 1,000/-. Again, government relations officer of your company or the agent sitting in front of the main gate of Jawazat office will help you in this regard.

Check if you have any unpaid traffic violations or fines under your Iqama. You will have to pay them before going to Jawazat Office.

Now go to Jawazat office and ask someone in the office where you need to go within the Jawazat building. You will have to have following documents with you. You will be given a print of New Iqama after successful submission of application.

  • Iqama Form
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Passport in Original and Copy
  • Damaged Iqama
  • Copy of Iqama
  • Proof of Payment of Iqama Fee

We have also explained in another article about the procedure you need to adopt if Iqama is Lost.

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