How to renew Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

According to the new rules of Iqama renewal, the process to renew Iqama has been significantly eased up. Here is the process.

New rules for iqama renewal

Here we would like to talk about 2 new rules for Iqama Renewal;

  • Expat employees can renew their Iqama while they are outside Saudi Arabia.
  • The MOL has allowed quarterly iqama renewal. However, it is yet to be implemented.

Iqama fee calculator

You can check the fee you need to pay to renew your Iqama with the help of the Iqama fee calculator.

Requirements to Renew Iqama

  1. Payment of Iqama Renewal Fee.
  2. Payment of Dependent Fee
  3. Payment of Maktab Amal Fee.
  4. Valid Medical Insurance.
  5. The professional membership account must be active. 
  6. HIV/AIDS test for 10 nationalities only.

Requirements to Renew Iqama

Renew Iqama online

After completing all the above-mentioned requirements, your sponsors will log in to the Muqeem account and renew the Iqama.

  • The iqama renewal is possible 3 months in advance.
  • You can check the Iqama expiry date on the Absher account.
  • If your Iqama card is going to expire, you can visit Jawazat to print a new card. There is no need for the new card if the expiry date is not written on it.

Renew Iqama online

Iqama renewal after 60 years

The GRO of a company or Kafeel will have to visit Jawazat to renew the Iqama of 60 years plus expatriate employees.

Iqama renewal while expatriate is out of KSA

  • Iqama renewal of an expatriate employee while he is out of KSA: YES
  • Iqama renewal of an expatriate dependent while he is out of KSA: YES

Iqama renewal after the expiry

If the Iqama is not renewed within 3 days of its expiry, the following penalties are applied. It is the responsibility of the employer to pay the fine if the delay is caused by him.

  • First Time: SR 500 fine.
  • Second Time: SR 1,000 fine.
  • Third Time: Deportation of expatriates.

Iqama renewal after the expiry

Iqama renewal for son above 18 years

If you have a dependent son under your sponsorship in the age bracket of 18 years to 25 years, you need to submit the following additional documents to the GRO of your company to renew Iqama. 

  1. Application form.
  2. A certificate issued from the college/university.
  3. Passport Size photo of the son.
  4. Iqama copies of the son and father.
  5. SR 500 additional fee.

Iqama renewal for son above 18 yearsRenew iqama without Kafeel

Although the Iqama renewal process is processed by the Kafeel, there is a remote possibility to renew Iqama without Kafeel. In order to do that;

  1. Check Iqama Huroob Status and make sure there is no Huroob.
  2. Check if you can transfer Iqama without Kafeel.
  3. Transfer your Iqama to a new employer through Qiwa.
  4. The new employer will renew the Iqama.

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