How to Remove Huroob Status from Iqama?

The meaning of Huroob is absconder i.e. the employee has run away from the employer. There are 3 options available to employees to remove Huroob which include the option to remove Huroob without Kafeel’s involvement.

Old Huroob Cases after Kafala system ends

Many people want to know what is going to happen with the old Huroob cases after the Kafala system has ended. Jawazat has clarified that they will continue to be treated as before. 

How to remove Huroob?

No doubt, removing Huroob is one of the most difficult things to do in Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that you can do it only if the following 3 conditions are fulfilled.

  1. The abscondment cannot be canceled through Absher and Kafeel needs to visit Jawazat to remove it.
  2. If 15 days have elapsed after the Kafeel has set Huroob, it cannot be removed even if Kafeel visits Jawazat.
  3. After 15 days of setting the Huroob, the expat will have to file a labor case against the Kafeel and prove that the Huroob was set with a malafide intention.
  1. Remove Huroob without Kafeel

If Kafeel is asking you to do something which is illegal and upon your refusal, he sets huroob status for your Iqama, it is an unfair reason for setting Huroob status.

If you are successful in proving that, your Huroob status will be removed without the involvement of Kafeel.  You will be given either transfer to some other Kafeel or the final exit. Recommended: How to file a case in Saudi Labor Court?

  1. Convince your Kafeel

The second solution is to go to Kafeel and convince him to remove the Huroob status. Generally, Kafeel demands some money for it.

It is important to know that if 15 days have elapsed after the Kafeel has set Huroob, it cannot be canceled even if Kafeel visits Jawazat. Therefore, no need to pay him anything.

Sometimes agents say that they will cancel the Huroob status if you give them money. I personally do not think they actually work and you might end up losing money. 

  1. Report to the Detention Center

The third solution is to report to the authorities at the detention center (Tarheel). They will detain you, keep you in detention and deport you to your home country. However, leaving the country under Huroob also means that you will never be allowed to enter back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa.

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