How to remove curfew violation fine in Saudi Arabia?

While checking the curfew violation fine, if you find out that SR 10,000 fine has been imposed, you can challenge, appeal or request the authorities to remove the fine. Here is the complete procedure.

curfew violation fine removedProof Document to remove curfew violation fine

I am sure if you went out during a curfew, there must be a valid reason for that. In order to remove the curfew violation fine from your Iqama, you need to produce evidence or proof that you went out for an extremely important reason.

Let’s say if you were going to the hospital for an emergency, you can bring the advice from the doctor that the patient you brought in was in a critical situation. 

Once you have the document to challenge the decision, scan it, or take a picture from your mobile.

permission to go out during curfew
A permit by the Ministry of Interior to go out during the curfew hours in Saudi Arabia.

Absher Account

Login to your Absher account and click on the “Services” button under the “My Services” tab.

A new screen will open from where you need to select the “General Services” tab.

On the next page, select the option “Messages and Documents” to open up the options to remove the curfew violation in Saudi Arabia.

Now you need to fill the newly opened form very carefully. Select the following two options;

  • To: لجان النظر في مخالفات منع التجول (Committees to consider curfews violations)
  • Service Name: Select the region of the curfew violation.

remove curfew violation

After selecting the service name, you need to fill the entire form to appeal against the decision of imposing the curfew violation. It is better to request someone to fill this form in the Arabic language.

  • Subject: Curfew violation.
  • Message: Write all the details why you went out during the curfew. You need to write it in only 1024 characters. Present your whole case there as it is your last chance to remove the curfew violation from your Iqama.
  • Attachment: Attach the proof or evidence that you have arranged at the first step e.g. a letter from the doctor explaining the condition of your father who got a heart attack during the curfew hours.
  • Send: Click on the send button after filling all the details.

remove curfew violation

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