Saudi Religious Police (HAIA) held 10 men and women in a wild intimate Party

Different countries all around the world, have a specific list of things which are permitted in the country and what is not permitted in the country. These lists are usually determined by how ‘liberal’ or westernized countries are, whereas ‘non-liberal’ or de-westernized countries, predominantly Muslim countries, pretty much ban all immoral activities to be conducted on their lands, while some countries are infamous and a fixed spot for people who want to indulge in deviant and/or immoral behavior. As mentioned earlier, Predominantly Muslim countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have an extremely tough set of rules to abide by if you want to continue living in the Kingdom.[irp]

To ensure that these banned immoral activities and their aiders and abettors do not get away from the grasp of justice, the HAIA or the religious police are also present in the country. No matter where you are from, when you talk about Saudi Arabia, the last thing that would come to your mind is a Wild Party, not that there is anything wrong with the country, or that the Saudi people do not know how to have fun, it is just not in Saudi culture or in their religious teachings to indulge in immoral activities. Keeping the above in mind, what you are about the read next may shock you, especially if you are residing in the Kingdom or have traveled there during your lifetime.

Recent reports confirm that the Saudi Authorities conducted a joint operation in which a wild party was raided upon in Muq, which is located 30 kilometers south of the city of Makkah. Reports also confirm that around 10 young women and men have been arrested from the party. The Authorities had received a tip-off about some immoral activity going on, upon which they acted and a special team from HAIA or the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice raided the party and caught 10 people red-handed in awkward positions while numerous others of those who were at the party escaped.

Those few who were arrested were subsequently handed over to the respective security agencies and the proper necessary actions were to be taken against the lot. While at the raid officers also arrested a Saudi and an Arab resident on charges of possession of foreign-made liquor which had been neatly disguised as a can of soft drink. All the liquor arrested from the party and from the individuals along with other banned items was destroyed by the authorities and now an investigation has been launched as to how these men and women came into the possession of these banned products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

As a common man, I think it is highly illogical to do such acts especially in a country where this is the worst thing you could possibly do. However, for Muslims anywhere around the world, such acts need to be refrained from as it goes against the fundamentals of Islam.

Source: Arab News

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