How to make Friendi Pay international transfer?

Friendi Pay is being managed by Saudi Investment Bank and offers the best exchange rate for international transfers from Saudi Arabia. Here is how to do it;


In order to register with the Friendi Pay app, you need the following;

  1. Absher Account.
  2. Nafath App.
  3. Access to the mobile number registered with Absher.
  4. Valid Iqama.
  5. National Address Registration.

Register on Friendi Pay App

In order to register your account with Friendi Pay;

  • Download the Friendi Pay app from Playstore or iTunes.
  • Enter the Mobile Number.
  • Enter Iqama Number.
  • Select your Date of Birth.
  • Enter the password for your account.

On the next page;

  • Select “NAFAD” from the options.
  • Enter Iqama Number.
  • Select your Date of Birth.
  • Enter your Absher details. 
  • Approve the authentication request through Nafath App.

As of now, you have completed the account verification process with Friendi Pay, you need to provide the employment information;

  • Enter Salary Details.
  • Write Iqama profession.
  • Enter Employer name.
  • Select the monthly deposit and withdrawal limits.

That’s it. You have successfully registered with the Friendi Pay application.

Add Funds to Friendi Pay

In order to make an international transfer, you need to add funds to your Friendi Pay wallet;

  • Click on “Add Money“.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Enter your Mada Card details. Friendi pay does not accept credit card deposit at the moment.


Adding beneficiary

After adding money, you need to add and activate the beneficiary to Friendi Pay;

  • Click on “Add Receiver“.
  • Select the country.
  • Enter the Bank Account details of the beneficiary.
  • You will receive a call from Saudi Investment Bank.
  • Press “1“” to activate the beneficiary.

Friendi Pay International Transfer

Now you are all set to transfer money through Friendi Pay. In order to do that;

  • Click on “Transfer Money“.
  • Select the beneficiary to transfer money.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Friendi Pay International Transfer charges: ZERO.
  • Friendi Pay International Transfer Limit: SR 20,000/month.

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