Meet Reem, the first Saudi female helicopter pilot!

Reem Filmban has been passionate about flying in the skies since childhood. She is now living her dream as she is the 1st Saudi female to be a helicopter pilot. 

When she was young, she would watch documentaries on aviation and plane piloting. She told the media that she feels excited, enthusiastic, and motivated to have been able to become an air pilot.

Pilot Training

She undertook a high school degree in Saudi Arabia and then moved to the US for training and to get a piloting license. She said that she had spent one year in studies and training. 

Briefing about her training, she said that she flew for 255 hours in one year. Reem said that she is a woman who is content and motivated and can undertake challenging roles such as piloting and pursuing an aviation career.

Commenting on it, she said that this field is fine and is induced with challenges and difficulties.

Women in Saudi Arabia are encouraged to take up roles to uplift the economy. Today, women in Saudi Arabia showcase their talent and strengths in almost every field.

Source: Gulf News

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