Is there any red light area for prostitution?

Tourists coming to Jeddah, and Riyadh are often seen asking if there is any red light area in Saudi Arabia for prostitution. 

Red Light Area

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country where the strict principles of Islam are followed. It is a country where to date, 95% of women wear a Hijab irrespective of their religion.

In such a religious society, it is hard even to imagine a red-light area for prostitution whether it is Jeddah, Riyadh, or any other city.


Prostitution in KSA

Prostitution is completely illegal in Saudi Arabia. However, recently, we have seen a surge in prostitution cases since the government launched the tourist visa.

Some women who come on a tourist visa find it attractive to work as prostitutes, selling their services online and making quick money.

They book a hotel for a longer period of time as they are tourists, and the hotel management does not ask them about their partners. As per relaxed rules for foreign tourists, unmarried couples can live together in Saudi Arabia. 

Prostitution in Saudi Arabia.

Punishment for prostitution

In the past, the Criminal Court of Jeddah has sentenced the following to the prostitutes and their handlers;

  • 4 years Jail + 200 lashes + SR 20,000 fine to the ring leader.
  • 1 Year Jail + 90 lashes + SR 10,000 fine to the handler.
  • 2.5 years Jail + 90 lashes to the prostitute.

Source: Arab News

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