3 reasons why Jinns enter a human body

Jinns are creations of Allah like human beings. They also have been given a choice: a choice that allows them to commit sins, a choice that allows them to do injustice. Like humans, they know about right and wrong and eventually, they make conscious wrong decisions.

The Jinns have the power to enter a human body: they can possess them and take control of them. Here are three reasons why and when a Jinn would enter a human body. Recommended: 10 types of Jinns according to Islam

Why do Jinns enter a human body?

  1. If they don’t like a person

The Jinns would enter a human body because they don’t like them. They enter a specific body when they don’t like them: they don’t like his face or you in person. So, they would enter the body to oppress them. They would love to have control of you so that they could cause you harm or make themselves happy over it.

  1. If they love the person

While the first reason is purely based on hate, the second reason why a Jinn might enter a human body is love. The Jinn might fall in love with you when you are all alone appreciating your beauty. You might feel alone but you have a Jinn in accompanying.

This is the reason why Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has asked us to recite bismillah when we change our clothes. The Jinn gets attracted to women especially, no offense here but major cases of being possessed by Jinn because of love factor has been reported in females. So, ladies, be careful about it!

  1. If you have caused unintentional harm to the Jinn

You have caused unintentional harm to the Jinn: for instance, you threw something in a corner and at that corner, Jinn was resting. You obviously don’t know if the Jinn was there, yet now he is angry with you. He wants to get you.

When do Jinns enter a human body?

Now the question is that how can one avoid Jinns? How can you make yourself safe from Jinn?  Well, the answer is simple. All you need to do is recite Bismillah before undertaking a task. The name of Allah will allow you to be safe from the evil of Jinn.

Are you wondering if Jinn can enter human body anytime? Can a human body be possessed by Jinn at any time? The answer is no! the Jinn needs to fulfill these four conditions to enter a human body. Recommended: Jinn Al Kaboos, a Jinn that attacks you while sleeping

  1. When the person is extremely angry

It is that condition that allows the Jinn to enter the human body. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has asked us to change the position when you are angry or upset: if standing then sit, if sitting lay down.

Why? Because you don’t want to make the Jinn comfy with you. When you are angry, the Jinn enters into you, but changing positions allow him to leave.

  1. When you are extremely fearful

Such a state makes you vulnerable for Jinn to take your possession. He finds the place to enter your body due to your nervous condition.

  1. Excessive heedlessness

The state you are not paying attention or not saying adkhars. In that case, you are not reciting bismillah as you enter washroom or start your meal. The perfect way to protect yourself from the attack of a Jinn is to be in Wudu all the time. When you are clean (in wudu), you are in the protection of Allah.

  1. When you are at the peak of a desire

Jinns also enter a body in a state when you are at the peak of a wrongful desire e.g. while watching porm, you are focused on that allowing Jinn to enter your body.

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