10 Reasons for deportation from Saudi Arabia

The reason for deportation from Saudi Arabia decides the deportation procedure an expat has to follow to back to his home country.

Reasons for deportation from Saudi Arabia

There are several reasons you could be deported from Saudi Arabia including but not limited to;

  1. Caught for the third time Not Carrying Iqama.
  2. Huroob Status on Iqama.
  3. Overstaying after Iqama or Visa Expiry.
  4. If he is involved in Trading Visas & Forgery of Documents
  5. Any bank or company unpaid loan, debts, or unpaid credit card bills.
  6. Any Criminal records such as robbery, theft, embezzlement, etc.
  7. Any contagious, infectious diseases such as HIV, AIDS, HEPA, etc. e.g. if an expat is diagnosed with AIDS
  8. Any false documents or incorrect information such as a fake degree.
  9. Immoral activities such as prostitution, adultery, soliciting sex etc.
  10. Manufacturing and selling alcohol or liquor.

Reasons for deportation from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Deportation Rules

Who is deported from Saudi Arabia?

According to Article 1 of the Saudi Deportation Law, the following people can be deported from Saudi Arabia.

  1. Self-Employed Expats.
  2. Huroob Employees.
  3. Overstaying on Visa.

Period of Ban in case of Deportation

As per Article 7 of Saudi Deportation Rules, a deported person is banned from entering Saudi Arabia for a period of 5 years. The ban period will start from the date the person left Saudi Arabia.

Cost of Deportation

As per Article 2 of Saudi Deportation Rules, the cost of deportation will be paid by;

  • the Kafeel if Huroob is not set.
  • the employer for whom he is working with Huroob.
  • the expat himself if he is a self-employed person.
  • the government if no one could pay the cost.

Deportation Procedure from Saudi Arabia

According to Saudi deportation rules, an expat needs to fulfill certain requirements and follow the procedure to get deported from Saudi Arabia.

  • Make sure your passport is valid.
  • Surrender yourself to Saudi Police.
  • Saudi police will check if you have any criminal history.
  • Saudi police will take you to the deportation center.
  • The deportation center will contact Kafeel to ask if he has any issues with the employee.
  • Upon clearance by the Kafeel, the dates for the deportation are set.
  • Deposit the cost for the ticket to the deportation center.
  • Fly back to your home country.
  • Source: Saudi Deportation Law

Deportation under Criminal Activities

If an expat is wanted for criminal offenses or having outstanding loans and fines etc, he would be arrested by the Police. 

  • The Saudi court will hear his case and decide the punishment. 
  • An expat found guilty of a criminal offense would be deported after the punishment.
  • An expat deported due to criminal activities can never return to Saudi Arabia on any kind of visa.

Deportation under Criminal Activities

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