HR Ministry to allow quarterly payments of dependent fee

The HR ministry is considering the possibility to allow quarterly payments of the dependent fee instead of the current system of annual payments.

It was disclosed by the deputy minister for labor policies  Eng. Hani Al-Mojel in a session organized by the Makkah Chamber of Commerce.

Quarterly payments of dependent fee

The ministry will review the issue of Maktab Amal fee and dependent fee on expatriate workers and likely to reset them on a quarterly basis instead of a yearly basis.

While the Maktab Amal fee is the responsibility of the employer, the dependent fee is paid by the employee himself.

Dependent Fee is Non-Refundable

It is another good step in the right direction to be taken by the HR ministry as the dependent fee is non-refundable.

If an employee leaves for a final exit after the payment of the dependent fee for the full year, Jawazat does not refund it.

Moreover, arranging funds to pay the dependent fee for the whole year is itself an issue for the majority of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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