The Quantum Leap: Will Saudi Arabia Lead the Charge in Next-Gen AI?

Despite not really being known as huge tech innovators, it’s becoming abundantly clear that, on a tech level at least, the kingdom’s focus is shifting. While investments and interest in the potential of the next tech frontier is growing, the move won’t be easy. There are many hurdles to overcome first.

Right now, it seems that fields concerning AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is where the most potential lies. More specifically, Quantum AI is right at the top of the kingdom’s priorities. It’s easy to see why. This relatively new frontier is immensely promising. The first experts to crack it fully and bring it to the mainstream practically will undoubtedly be remembered by the history books.

Why Quantum AI?

Choosing to place focus on Quantum AI is a smart move. The world has already seen the game changing effects of AI as it is presently. Artificial intelligence is now advanced enough to be integrated into platforms and applications like word processors and streaming apps, and the companies that brought the revolution about have profited greatly.

One of the main issues holding AI algorithms up is processing power. Even the most powerful traditional computers are simply not sophisticated enough to handle all the computational power AI systems need to run at their best. This is why Quantum AI is so promising. Once the challenges holding quantum computing have been smoothed out, there’s no telling what the future concerning AI will hold.

Without going into all the boring details, quantum computers don’t work exactly like traditional ones. Instead of using ones and zeros to solve problems and make calculations, these new computers use qubits instead. Now the science behind how this all works is very advanced. All everyday people need to know is that, through concepts like entanglement and superposition, quantum computers can solve problems faster. So much faster, in fact, that the same problems that would take regular computers decades to answer can now be solved in just days, or even hours.

The potential is impossible to ignore

Despite the unfortunate fact that it might still take many years to perfect this new technology, the potential is simply too great to disregard. Quantum AI is already making significant waves in the global financial sector. Right now, it’s possible for people to see how promising the tech can be by downloading a modern AI trading app and using advanced, Quantum AI-powered tools to make better investment decisions.

Naturally, the ability to use quantum AI to make better trades on stock exchanges is exciting. But it’s not the only reason why Saudi Arabia has set its sights on research and development. Here are a few of the most compelling contexts where advancements are sure to make a real difference one day:

  • Energy Sector: Using the speedy power of hyper-advanced Quantum AI, the kingdom could, someday soon, build simulations that would seriously optimize and refine energy production models and tools. This would assist with challenges surrounding oil and gas exploration.
  • Risk Management: At present, managing complicated and sensitive supply chains could do with some optimization. Quantum AI could assist here. How? By crunching vast datasets to evaluate potential disruptions faster. Using these insights, Saudi industries could detect issues earlier and develop powerful risk management systems.
  • Health: When Quantum AI leaves its initial development stages, it could be used to advance the field of medicine in a way that could benefit the whole of humanity. It would potentially be able to, with impressive precision, simulate incredibly detailed molecular interactions and help medical professionals develop life-saving treatments quickly.

Investing in the Quantum Advantage

This should probably go without saying, but innovating in tech is an extremely expensive endeavor. Saudi Arabia does have a large amount of resources to throw at the world’s most fascinating technological problems, and they’re choosing to invest strategically. Some of the top universities in the area have already created partnerships with a handful of the world’s largest quantum computing enterprises to tackle the challenges facing quantum AI head on.

Earlier this year, news came out that Saudi Arabia’s government has been planning to invest around $40 billion in artificial intelligence. This is a big step in the right direction. The technology will need as much funding as possible to move to a stage where it might enter the mainstream.

If they get it right, the potential for quantum AI to change the game in areas like aerodynamics, healthcare, finance and even materials science is vast. As touched on previously, entire industries would benefit and the local economy would likely see massive amounts of positive growth.

Progress will be slow

It’s not easy to develop groundbreaking, innovative technologies. Quantum computing still has a long way to go before everyone can start enjoying the potential benefits. There’s one major issue holding the tech back right now: Quantum computers are incredibly sensitive to even the most subtle environmental changes. Something as small as a stray radio wave has the potential to cause issues and force these powerful machines to output errors and mistakes.

Solving these problems will require governments and universities to collaborate. Only with top minds will the technology advance at a reasonable pace. Putting the world’s brightest talent in the same room to find solutions together is just the first step. This is where Saudi Arabia will likely be focusing all their efforts at first.

Saudi Arabia is on the right track

The move to invest in quantum AI is a smart one. Embracing the potential of this new frontier meant that the kingdom could help lead the charge towards mind-blowing progress. This will take lots of time, infrastructure and funding. The fact that Saudi Arabia is interested enough to invest in the potential means the kingdom has every chance of coming out on top.

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