Can you drink tap water in Saudi Arabia?

When coming to Saudi Arabia, people wonder if drinking tap water in Riyadh or Jeddah is safe. Do people usually drink tap water?

The tap water in Saudi Arabia is desalinated. 27 desalination stations are operated by the Saline Water Conservation Corporation (SWCC). These stations produce more than three million cubic meters of potable water daily.

Is tap water safe to drink in Saudi Arabia?

The desalination stations in Saudi Arabia produce high-quality water, so it is safe to drink. Many countries, including the USA, treat desalinated water as drinking water.

However, salt isn’t the only thing that hangs out in seawater. There’s also often a lot of boron, which is unhealthy for humans, and it isn’t always easy to clean saltwater. 

Do people drink tap water in Saudi Arabia?

Although tap water is safe to drink, people generally prefer one of the following two options;

  1. Install water filters on tap water and let the desalinated water passes through it before consumption.
  2. Buy drinking water from outside such as from Nestle.

Do people drink tap water in Saudi Arabia?

Drinking water cost

If you buy drinking water from outside, companies like Nestle deliver 18-liter water bottles to your doorstep.

  • The cost of an 18-liter water bottle from Nestle is around SR 11.
  • Many other companies are providing the same service.

Drinking water cost

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