5 disadvantages of living in Saudi Arabia

There are pros and cons of living in any country and Saudi Arabia is not an exception. Although there are many benefits of living in Saudi Arabia, there are some disadvantages too;

No Investment Opportunity

People working in other countries save money from their salary and then start investing there. Another disadvantage of living in Saudi Arabia is that you cannot legally invest your savings here apart from the following two sectors;

Education for Children

While you can teach your children in Saudi Arabia up to the intermediate level (12th standard), university education is too expensive to afford. Therefore, people usually send their children back to their home countries once they reach this level along with one of the parents.

Being a Cash Cow

Once you start living in Saudi Arabia, people back home start treating you like a cash cow and asking for help which is another big disadvantage.

People back home think that you are making millions while you are struggling to make both ends meet. After working for 10,15 years when you are going back, you do not have a retirement plan.

5 disadvantages of living in Saudi Arabia

Professional Graveyard

The biggest disadvantage of working in Saudi Arabia is that employers in the rest of the world do not honor the KSA experience as much as they should.

Due to this reason, once professionals start working here they do not get jobs outside the world. Hence, they keep on working in Saudi Arabia until they are kicked out.

No Saudi Nationality

Another disadvantage of living in Saudi Arabia is that you will never get nationality even if you work for 5,000 years in Saudi Arabia. Although the government has started awarding Saudi Nationality to some extremely talented expats, it is not something for the general public of expats.

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