Proposal to Open Cinemas in the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina

Cinemas are not for watching romantic and fiction based movies only. They can also be used for other purposes like education motives, awareness campaigns and other productive videos which can spread information among the public. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia) has re-issued the proposal for the establishment of cinemas near holy places, historical mosques and Islamic places all over the Saudi Kingdom especially in Holy city Makkah for providing guidance to foreign visitors. The Islamic history is very rich and detailed. Very few people even among Muslims know about the actual significance of holy places and mosques situated in Saud Arabia.[irp]

There is a need to provide documentary movies and short clips to make them aware of the historical background of each Holy place existing in Makkah. These cinemas will contribute in creating awareness for the visitors who are visiting the Holy places for the first time in life. During holy pilgrimage (Hajj) visitors hardly find time to visit historical and Islamic places in detail. But in other months of the Islamic years, especially during Ramadan, visitors find it as an honor to visit holy places and Grand mosques in Makkah, Madinah and other places.

These cinemas will let their Islamic education enhance and they will get more and more awareness about their rich and proud history. The proposal has stated that these cinemas should be at the shortest distance from these historical places so that people can easily visit these places such as Mountain of Light, Jabal Thawr and the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It is recommended in the proposal for cinema houses is to show documentaries to new visitors before they visit each holy place, it will enhance the productivity of their visit and will also help in preserving the Islamic history.  Along with awareness about the historical significance of each place, the purpose of these documentaries will be to prohibit Muslim from committing illegal customs and rituals such as bowing down in front of Holy tombs and other things which were prohibited by Holy Prophet PBUH strictly while visiting holy places.

The proposal has also submitted an idea to conduct this activity through social or cultural councils of KSA in case setup of separate cinemas is a time taking process.  The former police chief of Makkah Gen. Mohammad Al Harthy has appreciated the idea and mentioned that it will be a healthy step ahead for creating awareness among Muslims about the holy places. It is a good idea but needs strict supervision as the information mentioned in documentary movies should be accurate and depicting the real face of Islamic customs and history.[irp]

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has already established a well-equipped high tech showroom which present the documentaries related to historical and Islamic information. It is serving the high demand of visitors regarding historical information and Islamic history. The same idea has to be implemented in case of cinemas near Islamic places.

Source: Arab News

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