How did Prophet Muhammad treat an orphan on Eid?

Eid has always been celebrated with great zeal and zest by the Muslims. We observe that Muslims wear new clothes on Eid, greet each other and enjoy their religious festival. This tradition of celebrating Eid by the Muslims goes back to the times of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

During the time of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, Muslims used to celebrate Eid by dressings themselves up, offering their prayers and them rejoicing by joining their loved ones.

Once, the Eid was here and the Muslims were all ready to celebrate it. All wore their new clothes, wore a beautiful scent and went towards the open area just near the city to offer the Eid prayers. The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W led the prayers. Once the prayers were offered and supplications were made, the Muslims rejoiced by greeting each other the Eid.

Slowly, the Muslims started to head towards their homes to join in with their loved ones to celebrate Eid. The children were excitedly running across the streets flaunting their new dresses and gifts they had received on the special occasion.

A child was sitting down on a side

As Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was walking back home seeing the kids excited and happy, he (PBUH) saw a child sitting down on aside. The child wasn’t wearing new clothes nor was happy. The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W went towards him and discovered that the kid was weeping.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W inquired from him the reason behind his sadness. The Holy Prophet lend towards and patted his shoulders. Yet the boy was so depressed that he did not look up to know who the person was and just cried that he must be left alone.

Why are you crying?

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W remained patient and started to move his (PBUH) fingers through the little boy’s hair and asked that why was he crying. This time the boy opened up his heart.

He told that his father went to a fight for the sake of Islam and was martyred. His mother had no other option but to remarry. His husband does not want him to stay with them.

So, while other Muslims are enjoying this day, he was there crying over his fate as he had no shelter to stay, no new clothes to wear and nothing to eat.

I was an orphan too

Upon this, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W told him that he (PBUH) was too an orphan. He lost his mother and father while he was just a little boy. This made the boy a bit comfortable as an orphan was there to comfort him.

The boy finally looked up and found that it was no other than the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. This not only made the boy happy but also surprised. He jumped up in honor and respect.

Is it acceptable for you if I become your new father?

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W then said to him that was it acceptable for him if Prophet Muhammad S.A.W becomes his new father, Hazrat Aisha R.A becomes his new mother and that Fatima becomes his sister. The boy said he would be more than happy with it. This would be the best thing that would ever happen to him.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W could see the boy’s smile and loved it. He PBUH took the boy to his place, gave him new clothes and they all ate together. The boy had a lovely Eid. The boy is said to be Zuhair Bin Saghir R.A.

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