Who was Prophet Hazrat Ismail – story?

Allah has sent 124,000 Prophets out of which one was Hazrat Ismail عليه السلام, the son of Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام and Hajar عليه السلام. Prophet Ismail عليه السلام was not only a Prophet but a Rasool of Allah.

Birth of Prophet Ismail

Prophet Ismail عليه السلام was born in 1910 BC in present-day Palestine and died in 1774 BC at the age of 136 years. His mother Hajar عليه السلام was the daughter of a pharaoh of Egypt, a princess.

At the time of his birth, Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام was around 86 years old while his mother was only 25 years old.

Brother: Prophet Ishaq عليه السلام.

Prophet Ismail in Quran

The name of Prophet Ismail عليه السلام is mentioned 12 times in the Holy Quran at different places.

Migration to Makkah

Allah ordered Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام to migrate to Makkah (which was a barren desert with no population at that time) along with Hajar عليه السلام and the infant Ismail.

Upon reaching the place we know as Holy Kaaba today, Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام was asked to leave his child and wife for the sake of Allah. He, thus departed leaving his newborn and wife in the middle of a desert all alone.

Food and Water were finished

Soon after Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام left, Hajar and Ismail food and water got finished. The baby started crying and Hajra became thirsty and had no milk in her breasts to feed the infant Ismail.

She started running between the Mountains Safa and Marwa in a desperate attempt to find food and water leaving her son Ismail near the Holy Kaaba. Allah liked it so much that he made it a fard act of Umrah.

ZamZam Well

When she was fully disappointed and had made up her mind that her son is going to die out of thirst and hunger, Allah started a stream of water from the place where the infant Ismail was rubbing his toes.

Hajar عليه السلام drank water and collected water for her future use but it kept on coming. Finally, she said in Hebrew “ZamZam” which means stop and since then we call this water ZamZam.

Settlement of an Arab Tribe

A few months later, a tribe name Jarham searching for water reached the place where Hajar عليه السلام was living around the Zamzam well.

They sought the permission of Hajar عليه السلام to live around the Zamzam well which was granted. Jarham tribe used to speak Arabic and in this way, Prophet Ismail عليه السلام was brought up speaking Arabic language and this is how the language of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ forefathers changed to Arabic.

Ever wondered why Saudi Arabia has no rivers? It has a strong relation to this story.

Why does Saudi Arabia have no rivers?

The dream of Prophet Ibrahim

Hazrat Ismail عليه السلام grew up becoming a pious Muslim. Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام came back to Makkah after 8 years of leaving them alone.

When he reunited with his family, he dreamt thrice that Allah is demanding the sacrifice of his son, Prophet Ismail عليه السلام.

One day he took Hazrat Ismail عليه السلام with him who happily accompanied his father.

Upon reaching Mina, Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام asked his son’s opinion on the order of slaughter given to him by Allah Almighty. Prophet Ismail عليه السلام asked his father to carry Allah’s order.

Shaitan appeared 3 times

Shaitan then went to Ibrahim عليه السلام to convince him not to commit the sacrifice.

  • He appeared at first Jamarat but Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام threw seven stones at him.
  • On Ibrahim’s way, shaitan reappeared at the second jamarat, and again Ibrahim threw seven stones at him.
  • The same reappearance of shaitan and his stoning by Ibrahim took place at the third Jamarat.

Allah liked this act so much that he made pelting at Jamarat a wajib act of Hajj.

Ismail’s sacrifice

Allah wanted to test the faith of Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام, when he was about to slaughter his son, a sheep was sent to be replaced with Prophet Ismail عليه السلام.

Allah liked this act so much that he made the sacrifice of a sheep compulsory for all Muslims on Eid ul Adha.

Building the Holy Kaaba

In around 1900 BC, Allah ordered Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام to build a house of Allah which we know today as the Holy Kaaba. Prophet Ismail عليه السلام helped his father by bringing stones to build the Holy Kaaba while Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام would place them to build high walls.

Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام offered two rakat prayers after the completion of the construction of the Holy Kaaba 🕋 at the place where Maqam Ibrahim stands today. Allah liked it so much that He made it Wajib to perform 2 Nafal after Tawaf behind it.

Prophet Ismail became a Rasool

Prophet Ismail عليه السلام was chosen by Allah for spreading the message of Allah to the people of Amalika in Yemen. It is believed that he spent 50 years spreading the message of Allah and giving guidance to the people. Few listened to him and became Muslims; others just mocked him.

Verily! He was true to what he promised, and he was a Messenger, (and) a Prophet. – Maryam 19:54

Prophet Ismail Divorce

Prophet Ismail عليه السلام got married to a girl Ammara bint Saad from the Amalika tribe. Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام once came to see Hazrat Ismail عليه السلام to Makkah after the death of Hajar عليه السلام.

Prophet Ismail عليه السلام was not at home and his wife told Ibrahim that he is out of the house for some work. When Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام asked how is their life going, she started complaining about financial issues and how difficult it has become to feed themselves.

Upon this, Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام left her house with a message for Ismail to change the frame of the door of his house.

When Hazrat Ismail عليه السلام came to know this, he immediately divorced his wife.

12 sons of Prophet Ismail

Hazrat Ismail عليه السلام was blessed with 12 sons and a daughter from his wife Ammara bint Saad whom he divorced upon the instruction of Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام.

  1. Nebajoth Ibn Ismail.
  2. Qeydaar Ibn Ismail comes in the Shajra Nasab of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
  3. Azabil Ibn Ismail.
  4. Manshi Ibn Ismail.
  5. Mishmah Ibn Ismail.
  6. Dumah Ibn Ismail. There is a city named Domah al-Jandal in Saudi Arabia in the name of his son.
  7. Maasha Ibn Ismail.
  8. Aazar Ibn Ismail.
  9. Tayma Ibn Ismail. There is a city named Tayma in Saudi Arabia in the name of his son.
  10. Faytur Ibn Ismail.
  11. Nafish Ibn Ismail.
  12. Qeyzma Ibn Ismail.
  • Mahalath bint Ismail.

The marriage of a daughter

At the time of the death of Prophet Ismail عليه السلام, he arranged the marriage of his daughter Mahalath with Esau, the son of Prophet Ishaq عليه السلام. Both of them gave birth to 5 sons;

Grave of Prophet Ismail

It is believed that Prophet Ismail عليه السلام died in 1774 BC at the age of 137 years.

Many researchers believe that the Hazrat Ismail عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ and his mother Hajar عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ are buried under Hateem in the Holy Kaaba 🕋. However, other researchers deny this claim of weak references.

Prophet Ismail Grave

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