Who was Prophet Hazrat Idris – story?

Allah has sent 124,000 Prophets out of which one was Hazrat Idris عليه السلام, the son of Yarid Ibn Malhal’il and Barkanah (mother). He was not only a Nabi but a Rasool as well.

It is generally believed that Prophet Idris عليه السلام was the third Prophet of Islam after Prophet Adam عليه السلام and Prophet Sheeth عليه السلام.

Birth of Prophet Idris

Prophet Idris عليه السلام was born in 3382 BC in present-day Iraq and died in 2517 BC at the age of 865 years. He was born in the 6th generation of Prophet Adam عليه السلام.

At the time of his birth, Prophet Adam عليه السلام was 622 years old and Prophet Sheeth عليه السلام was 492 years old.

Prophet Idris in Quran

The name of Prophet Idris عليه السلام is mentioned 2 times in the Holy Quran at different places. Allah Almighty mentions him as a patient person. As mentioned in the Holy Quran:

Physical Appearance

Prophet Idris عليه السلام was a well-built man. He had some extra bit hair on the head yet minimal hair on his broad chest. His one ear was bigger than the other. He spoke humbly and in a low voice. While walking, his toes would come close to one other. 

Revelation to Prophet Idris

Islamic literature states that Hazrat Idris عليه السلام became a Rasool at the age of 40, it is the same age when Prophet Muhammad ﷺ became a Rasool.

It is said that Allah has sent 100 Sahifa (صحیفہ) and 4 books out of which around 30 Sahifa were revealed on Prophet Idris عليه السلام.

Before Hazrat Idris عليه السلام whatever revelations were sent down from Allah Almighty had not been written. After this, the tradition of writing Sahifa was initiated.

First Jihad

Prophet Idris عليه السلام was the first messenger of Allah who was given instructions to do Jihad (fighting in way of Allah).

During his time, the corruption was increasing not only among the people of Qabil but also among his clan. So, to combat the corruption, he prepared an army of horsemen to fight against the corrupt people of Qabil.

Migration to Egypt

When it became too difficult for the followers of Hazrat Idris عليه السلام to live in Iraq due to the sins of the people of Qabil, they decided to migrate to another place.

Finally, they migrated to Egypt and reached the Nile River. After that Prophet Idris عليه السلام preached to the people of Egypt.

Prophet Idris migrated to Egypt

Prophet Idris – the Architect

Prophet Idris عليه السلام was an architect too as he designed and constructed several cities for his followers with the state-of-the-art amenities of that time. It is said that during his time, 88 cities were built.

Prophet Idris - the Architect

Anyway, I can live longer?

Allah told Prophet Idris عليه السلام he shall be rewarded with all the good deeds of the people living. Thus, not only he was entitled to enjoy the rewards of his personal deeds, but also of the good deeds of the people.

Being thankful to Allah for this reward, he sought that the more he lived, the more rewards would be gathered.

Thus, he shared his views with one of the Angels that had been his friend. He said that he has been blessed with the rewards of people. So, he thinks that the longer he lives, the more would be his rewards.

He thus asked the angel if there was any way he could live longer, and that the angel of death would approach him later.

Death of Prophet Idris

The angel said that he shall see what he could do. Thus, the angel took Prophet Idris عليه السلام with him to the fourth sky to meet the angel of death. It is referred to in the Holy Quran too.

  • And We elevated him to an honorable status. – Maryam 19:57

There the angel and the angel of death had a conversation where the angel said that the Prophet wants to seek longer life.

On this, the angel of death told that he was ordered to take away the soul of Hazrat Idris عليه السلام on the fourth sky and he did not know how he would do it. Thus, it is wonderful how Allah made it occur.

Thus, the Angel of death took away the soul of the Prophet Idris عليه السلام on the fourth sky. He died in 2517 BC at the age of 865 years.

An ancestor of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born in the 75th generation of Prophet Idris عليه السلام. 

Hazrat Idris عليه السلام had many sons and daughters out of which we know about Methuselah Ibn Idris who was born in 3317 BC.

At the time of his birther, Prophet Idris was 65 years old. Methuselah Ibn Idris died in 2348 BC at the age of 969 years.

Worshipping Idols

After Prophet Idris died, Iblis appeared to the people in the shape of a man. He whispered to them to build five statues of five pious men who had died so that they would always remember them. 

After a long period of time, Iblis whispered to them to blaspheme and worship these statues. This is how people started worshipping idols.

Quran states the names of the five pious Muslims the people made statues of and worshipped. The names of those five pious Muslims were: Wadd, Suwa^, Yaghuth, Ya^uq, and Nasr. – Nuh 71:23

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