Who was Prophet Hazrat Isaiah – story?

Allah has sent 124,000 Prophets out of which one was Hazrat Isaiah عليه السلام who was a Nabi from Bani Israel.

  • Biblical Name: Prophet Isaiah.
  • Full Name: Isaiah Ibn Amoz.
  • Father: His father Amoz was the real brother of King Amaziah, the 9th King of Judah.

Prophet Isaiah Birth

Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام was born in the 8th century BC in present-day Palestine and died somewhere in the 7th century BC at the age of 75 years. It is said that he received his first call to prophesy in 742 BC.

He preached Islam during the reign of King Uzziah, King Jotham, King Ahan, King Hezekiah, and King Manasseh. All of them were the kings of Judah who rules Israel in the 8th and 7th centuries BC.

Prophet Hazrat Isaiah

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King Hezekiah got sick

When King Hezekiah came to power, he developed a good understanding with Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام. He used to listen to prophets and act upon their instructions.

Things were going fine until the time when King Hezekiah became seriously ill due to his infected foot.

King Sennacherib’s attack on Israel

In 701 BC, King Sennacherib of Babylon (Iraq) advanced toward Jerusalem with 62,000 men which made Bani Israel seriously terrified.

King Hezekiah asked Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام if he has received any revelation from Allah about this attack but he had not received anything revelation until that time.

Then the revelation came down for King Hezekiah to appoint a successor as his time has come. When Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام told him about this, King Hezekiah immediately turned towards Qiblah and started praying.

King Hezekiah’s life extension

King Hezekiah cried, repented, and invoked Allah with a sincere heart, trust, and patience and we cannot know how he prayed to Allah that the revelation was sent to Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام that his life has been extended by 15 years. Moreover, he was also told that he would be saved from King Sennacherib.

When King Hezekiah heard that, he went to Sujood and thanked Allah for is kindness. Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام told the king to extract the water of the fig and apply it to his sore and he would be cured.

King Sennacherib’s death

Allah sent death upon the army of King Sennacherib. In the morning they were all corpses, except Sennacherib and five of his companions, among them Nebuchadnezzar.

King Hezekiah immediately sent for them, put them in shackles, and displayed them in the land for 70 days to spite and insult them. Later King Sennacherib was released upon the orders of Allah.

Prophet Isaiah Death

King Hezekiah died in 687 BC and his son King Manasseh became the King of Judah but the condition of Israel deteriorated with political confusion.

Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام continued to preach to them, stopping them from the bad deeds and encouraging the good deeds that made him their enemy. So much so that they wanted to kill him.

One day he hid in a tree trying to hide from some of them as they wanted to kill him. They saw part of his cloth and figured out that he is hiding there. When they saw it, they brought a saw and cut the tree into two pieces and along with it, Prophet Isaiah عليه السلام was also killed.

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