7 facts Prophet Dawud A.S and Maqam-e-Dawud

Prophet Dawud (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the Prophets of Allah. The Prophet has a mention in the Holy Quran. Here are some facts about the Prophet Dawud (may Allah be pleased with him)

  1. Maqam-e-Dawud is located in Palestine

The Maqam-e-Dawud is located in Palestine. Some believe it to be the tomb of the Prophet while others consider it to be the place where he once resided and that is why it is known as Maqam e Dawud

  1. Maqam-e-Dawud is located in Palestine

Allah Almighty has mentioned Prophet Dawud (may Allah be pleased with him) 16 times in the Holy Quran. Jerusalem is known as the city of Dawud as he ruled Bani Israel there for 33 years. He ruled over them in Hebron or Al Khalil for 7 years.

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  1. The Holy Zabur was revealed upon him

The Prophet was blessed with a book of revelations by Allah. The book is known as Zabur or the Psalms. Quran relates the Prophet as a pious one.

  1. Contradictory statements between the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran

In Bible (Who’s Who in the Bible by Peter Calvocoressi), however, it is narrated that the Prophet committed adultery with Bathsheba while he was married. Also, it gives a reference that Dawud murdered Uriah, the man with whose wife he committed adultery.

Islam, however, does not give reference to any such incident and Muslims regard Prophet Dawud A.S as faithful and pious Prophet.

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  1. The miracle of Prophet Dawud A.S.

He was blessed with a miracle whereby he could soften iron in his hand and make out armors with them. This miracle has been mentioned in the Quran. (Surah Saba verses 10 and 11).

  1. The Salah of Prophet Dawud A.S.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W once mentioned that Allah loves the prayer of Prophet Dawud A.S. the most. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W also told that to Allah the most loved fast is that of the Prophet Dawud.

He used to fast on alternate days. In the first half of the night, he would sleep, then he wakes up and prays during one-third of the night. He would sleep again for the one-third of the night. (the Hadith is recorded in Bukhari)

  1. The most beautiful voice

He was blessed with a voice that none before was blessed. It was such a sweet voice that when he would recite the Zabur not only humans would get attracted to it but also the Jinns, animals, and birds would stand by and listen to the sweet recitation.

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