Who was Prophet Armiya/Jeremiah?

Allah has sent 124,000 Prophets out of which one was Hazrat Armiya عليه السلام who was a Nabi from Bani Israel.

  • Biblical Name: Prophet Jeremiah.
  • Full Name: Armiya Ibn Hilkiah who was from the Benjamin tribe.

Prophet Armiya Birth

Prophet Armiya عليه السلام was born in 650 BC in present-day Palestine and died in 570 BC at the age of 80 years. He saw the fall of Israel/Jerusalem and the destruction of the Sulaiman temple to the Babylonian army in his life.

Prophet Armiya عليه السلام started preaching at the time of King Josia, the 16th King of Judah. He saw the reigns of all the following Kings of Judah namely King Jehoahaz, King Jehoiakim, King Jehoiachin, and the last King Zedekiah. He condemned idolatry, the greed of priests, and false prophets.

Who was Prophet Armiya/Jeremiah?

Bani Israel was worshipping Baal

In 874 BC, Queen Jezebel, the pagan queen of King Ahab (7th King of the Kingdom of Israel) brought the idol worshipping of Baal to Jerusalem during the time of Prophet Elias عليه السلام.

After almost 250 years, Israel had forsaken Allah by worshiping the idols of Baal and burning their children as offerings to Baal.

Allah has also mentioned the idol of Baal in the Holy Quran.

  • Do you call upon ˹the idol of˺ Baal and abandon the Best of Creators? – As-Saffat 37:125

Idol Baal was as tall as 136 meters. Seeing an idol so big, people fell for its might and started worshiping it. More and more people fell into the trap of the devil and got strayed.

Idol Baal as mentioned in the Holy Quran

Prophecy for the fall of Jerusalem

Upon this, Allah revealed to Prophet Armiya عليه السلام that He will punish Jerusalem.

Allah said in Bible: I am about to summon all the peoples of the northern kingdoms. Their kings will come and set up their thrones at the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem; they will come against all her surrounding walls and against all the towns of Judah. – Jeremiah 1:15 

Torture on Prophet Armiya

During all this time, the people of Israel conspired to kill Prophet Armiya عليه السلام many times but Allah saved him. Once he was beaten and put in the stocks at the Upper Gate of Benjamin for a day. 

Prophet Armiya عليه السلام talked to Allah:  I am ridiculed all day long; everyone mocks me. Whenever I speak, I cry out proclaiming violence and destruction.  – Jeremiah 20:8

Conspiracy to kill Prophet Armiya

During all this time of King Zedekiah, the last King of Judah, Allah instructed Prophet Armiya عليه السلام to make a yoke with the message that the nation would be subject to the king of Babylon.

After Prophet Armiya عليه السلام prophesied that Jerusalem would be handed over to the Babylonian army, King Zedekiah cast him into a cistern where he sank down into the mud with the intention to kill him.

Fall of Jerusalem

Prophet Armiya عليه السلام remained imprisoned until Jerusalem fell to the Babylonian army in 587 BC.

After the takeover, the Babylonian army gave him special treatment and allowed him to choose the location of his residence. He went to Mizpah in Benjamin. Later he migrated to Egypt.

Prophet Armiya & Prophet Daniyal

The Babylonian army captured many people from Bani Israel and took them to Iraq one of them was Prophet Daniyal عليه السلام. King Nebuchadnezzar threw him in a pit with two lions but they did not touch him.

Soon Prophet Daniyal عليه السلام felt hungry and wanted to eat and drink some food and water but he had nothing.

Prophet Armiya عليه السلام was in Palestine when Allah asked him to cook food for Daniyal. He was surprised as the distance between Iraq and Palestine was hundreds of kilometers.

Allah asked him to prepare the food and forget about the arrangement for the delivery of the food. 

He prepared some food and when it got ready, Allah carried him and the food to the same pit in Babylon, Iraq where Prophet Daniyal عليه السلام was thrown.

  • Prophet Daniyal عليه السلام asked: “Who is this?”
  • Prophet Armiya عليه السلام answered: “I am Jeremiah.”
  • Daniyal asked: “What brought you here?”
  • Armiya answered: “Your Lord sent me to you.”
  • Daniyal said: “And so my Lord has remembered me?”
  • Armiya said: “Yes.”

Prophet Daniyal عليه السلام said: “Praise be to Allah Who never forgets those who appeal to Him!

And Praise be to Him Who compensates good with good, rewards patience with safety, dispels harm after the distress, assures us when we are overwhelmed, and is our hope when skill fails us.”

Prophet Armiya Death

Prophet Armiya عليه السلام died in 570 BC at the age of 80 years in present-day Egypt.

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