How to Verify a PayPal Account in Saudi Arabia?

To prove your identity, you must provide additional information to verify a PayPal account in Saudi Arabia. This provides possible clients more assurance in your legality and meets the requirements of PayPal’s Seller Protection.

Verifying your account also removes account limits and allows you to transfer money to your PayPal account and other linked accounts in Saudi Arabia. Verification of account can only be done with a bank account. Following are the steps which help in verifying your PayPal account:

1-Register your PayPal account: For the verification of PayPal account, you need to enter a valid bank account. Even if your PayPal says to enter a credit/debit card and your outline is incomplete without one, do not enter a credit/debit card. For verification of PayPal account without a bank account, the only way is to ask for the PayPal Extra MasterCard.

2-Select the Wallet option which is present at the top of your Account page.

3-Select the bank by ticking the “Link a bank” option: Select your bank from the recorded institutions or if your bank is not recorded then select the option “I have a different bank.”

4-Provide your online username information: If your institution is listed then chose from the option, then it will ask you to provide your online username and password. You will now be able to enter your online banking username and password to directly connect your account. This is all you have to do to confirm your account.  If your bank is not listed, continue reading.

5-Link your account manually: If your bank is not listed in the given options then you can link your account by entering information manually by selecting the account type from savings or checking account. Enter the related information and find the account number and routing number. The routing number is written on the bottom-left side of the front of the cheque.

The account number is written to the right of the routing number. Mention each digit, be it any zeros. After finishing, select the “agree and link” option. You need to provide bank account from a genuine, physical bank as eTrade or NetSpend are no longer acceptable.

6-Verification deposits in your account: After entering your bank information, you have to wait for confirmation deposits which will be made by PayPal into your account. These deposits would make up to around $1. It will take 3 to 4 days to show deposits in your account.

7-Fill the verification form: You can make note of the value of the deposits then enter the value in the confirmation form. If you had stopped using the site, you can enter the amounts by signing in and selecting the button again.

8-Final call: After completing all the requirements, you have to attend a phone call. PayPal will call on the number you mentioned when you made the account. You have to answer a few questions to verify yourself` and place. After this process, your account will be verified.

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