How to transfer domestic worker’s sponsorship?

It is illegal to hire a domestic worker such as a house driver in Saudi Arabia without transferring the Iqama sponsorship to your name. There are two ways to legally hire a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Apply for a domestic worker visa.
  2. Transfer the Sponsorship of a domestic worker.

Requirements for Domestic Worker Iqama Transfer

The following requirements must be met to transfer the Iqama sponsorship of a domestic worker such as a house driver or housemaid.

  1. The suitable profession of the new Kafeel (if expat).
  2. The applicant must be married to transfer sponsorship of a housemaid.
  3. Minimum Salary Requirement (explained below.)
  4. The domestic worker Iqama must be transferable.
  5. Demand letter signed by the company of the new Kafeel with the chamber of Commerce stamp.
  6. Release letter signed by the company of the current Kafeel with the chamber of Commerce stamp.
  7. Iqama Transfer Fee. Recommended: How to pay Iqama transfer fee?
  8. Original Passport of the domestic worker + copy.
  9. Copy of Iqama of a domestic worker.
  10. Duly Filled Form.

If a house driver, housemaid, or any other domestic worker meets any of the 10 conditions, they can transfer their sponsorship without the consent of their Kafeel.

Visit Jawazat

Visit the Jawazat office along with the above-mentioned documents to transfer the sponsorship of domestic workers to your name. Jawazat will collect these documents and issue you a new iqama with your name as a sponsor.

house driver iqama transferMinimum Salary Requirement

One Saudi family is entitled to 5 domestic workers while expatriate families and Saudis married to expatriates are allowed to have 2 domestic workers.

  • 1st Domestic Worker: Minimum salary SR 5,000 and bank balance SR 35,000.
  • 2nd Domestic Worker: Minimum salary SR 18,000 and bank balance SR 120,000.
  • 3rd & 4th Domestic Worker: Minimum salary SR 30,000 and bank balance SR 250,000.
  • 5th Domestic Worker: Minimum bank balance SR 500,000.

Source: Arab News

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