Procedure to Stamp your passport from Protectorate of Emigrants in Pakistan

It is obligatory for every Pakistani citizen to get his passport stamped from the office of Protectorate of immigrants if he is willing to go abroad on a work visa.  In this article, we will explain step by step that how the passport can be stamped from the Protectorate office in Pakistan.

It is important for Pakistani citizens to know that if their passport is not protected, they will not be allowed to take an international flight. The protection of the passport is done in order to get proper data of the person, cover him through the life insurance and also to eradicate unlawful international traveling.

This process of getting the passport protected is much complicated and it can take a couple of days for completion.  This article will be helpful for readers to get a better understanding of the whole procedure. Please note that the addresses of different offices and other mentioned landmarks are helpful for Lahore only.

The people who have a Pakistani CNIC and Passport and a valid visa of another country issued on their passport will be able to benefit from this article. Let us mention the list of requirements and required documents necessary to get the passport protected.

2750 Procedure to Stamp your passport from Protectorate of Emigrants in Pakistan

1-You can visit any of the protector offices depending on your own ease, the office in Lahore has the following address House No. 117, Block G, Model Town, Lahore.  Phone Numbers are 0092-42-9230338, 9230488 The protector office in Lahore has also opened a NADRA Swift center so while you visit protector office you need not go anywhere else for the NADRA related process.

It is better than the applicants show up at the office in the early morning, moreover filling the forms before coming to the office will also save time. Keeping a change of at least 5o rupees will also be helpful. It is to be noted that download option for these forms is also available. The website address is

It is important to know that all the process can be completed in one day but for that purpose the applicant has to show up quite early in the morning at NADRA’s office and apply for NICOP and then he can visit protector office and if the form is submitted before 11 am, the passport will be stamped from protector office in the same day. The whole process will be like:

2-The applicant will show the CNIC and NICOP or NADRA’s receipt of NICOP, original Passport and the visa proof to the officer and he will sign the visa photocopy and will guide the applicant to show up at another window, he will receive all the below mentioned documents at a cost of 20 Rs.

It is recommended that before submission, one photocopy of every document must be taken. After form submission, the applicant has to wait for a few hours to get the passport stamped.

3-If the applicant does not have an original visa rather he has a scanned or fax copy, he might be required to submit an affidavit, duly stamped by a notary public. A notary public can easily be approached in any of the courts.

The protector office accepts only those visas those have an “OK TO BOARD” stamp by any of the airlines.  It is important to know that the protector office stamp on passport has a validity of 30 days. Make it sure that you don’t get the stamp before 30 days of your date of travel.

Documents required for stamping your passport from Protectorate of Emigrants in Pakistan

NICOP: National Identity card for Overseas Pakistanis, written as NICOP is the very first requirement for this process. If someone does not have a NICOP then NADRA Receipt of NICOP will also suffice for the process of Protection. NICOP is a computerized card that is issued by NADRA; it has the purpose of identification of a person who has to travel abroad to a particular destination.

It usually takes 15 days after submission of complete application, to get the card issued by the concerned authority. It is important to know that the receipt of NICOP issued by NADRA is required by the protector office but the original card issued by NADRA is not required to fly outside the country.

Valid Visa – Work Permit: the Second prerequisite for applying Passport protection is a valid work permit. Work permit or work visa means that the person is given permission to get a job in a foreign country.

Job Offer or Contract:  Original job offer letter or a scanned copy of this letter must be attached to the application.

Pakistani Passport:  Those who are applying for NICOP are supposed to have a Pakistani passport as well. This is one of the requirements for applying for NICOP.

Pakistani CNIC:  Those who are applying for NICOP must have a Pakistani Identity Card.  CNIC copy of next to kin shall also be attached with the application.

Medical Report:  Medical report of the applicant prepared as per directions of the protector office is also needed to be attached with the application.

Bank Challan Receipts:  The payment of fees is done on Challan receipts provided by the bank. These paid bank challan receipts shall also be attached to the application. Two different forms are to be submitted in the bank. The total fee amount will be Rs 3,350.

Fees are subject to change as per the protector office policy, so before submission of Challan in the bank, these fees shall be verified from protector office. After all the details are put in the Challan forms, they shall be submitted in National Bank.

Lahore Branch for this purpose is at following address; National Bank of Pakistan, Block C – Model Town Lahore. The branch is located near Model Town Park.

Life Insurance:  Life insurance certificate from State Life insurance shall also be attached here. Next of kin and his id card shall also be attached here. Insurance of Emigrants: All the emigrants are required to get themselves insured by State life insurance.

One shall fill insurance form and submit insurance fee with the form. A copy of the ID card of the beneficiary of the insurance amount is also to be submitted. The insurance obtained by State Life is considered valid for a period of two years only.

An Undertaking Form:  A form containing a statement by the applicant that he will not be on illegal status while his stay abroad, shall be attached.

An Information Form:  It is a form that contains complete details of the applicant as to his name, address and employers address etc.

Photograph:  As a matter of routine people use to get the passport protected and they don’t bother to submit a photograph but we recommend keeping a photograph.

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