How to report a Stolen Car in Saudi Arabia?

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God forbids, if your car is stolen in Saudi Arabia, you need to immediately report it to the police to register the official complaint. 

Call 999 or 991

Call 999 or 991 and inform the police about the stolen car. The police will ask you to provide the following details;

  • The Car Registration Number.
  • Iqama Number.
  • The exact location of the incident.
  • At this point, you will receive an SMS from the police about the registration of your case.

The police will inform their department about the stolen car immediately. Keep in mind, the sooner you report to the police about your stolen car, the better are the chances of its recovery.

Wait for the police visit

In a few minutes, the police car will reach the place where your car is stolen.

  • Explain the whole scenario of how to car was stolen.
  • They will require you to write the whole scenario in writing.
  • There is an SR 1,000 fine if the car was stolen while the engine was on.
  • Don’t write anything that is not true.

Visit the Traffic Police Station

The police officers who visit the place of the incident will require you to go to a certain police station.

  • Visit the police station recommended by them.
  • Fill a form in Arabic.
  • The police will register your complaint and print the report with its official stamp.

How to report a Stolen Car in Saudi Arabia?

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