Procedure to Renew Philippines Passport from Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there has been a huge influx of Filipino Workers who are staying in the Kingdom for the purposes of work. With such huge amount of influx, the demand to cater all these needs becomes a bit of a challenge but with the effective ideas and working capacity brought up by the Filipino Embassy renewals of passports isn’t a nuisance anymore! They have a few simple procedures that have to be followed to cater to several people approaching them every day for renewals of passports and trust me when I say it they are doing a Fantastic Job. In today’s read, I will try and guide you about how to go about for booking an appointment with the representatives of the Embassy.[irp]

Procedure to Renew Passport from Saudi Arabia

To book an appointment you’ll have to register yourself online on their website.

On the web page click on the type of service you need.

Respectively click on the Next button where a Calendar will appear for you to select from the available dates shown by a dark blue color for your appointment.

Click on the desirable date according to the available time schedule provided. You’ll have several time slots to choose from.

After clicking on the preferred time click next where you will be guided to an information sheet which you’ll need to fill out with all your details.

Make sure that you type out all your details in the correct spelling.

After you have done so click save. This will automatically send in the details to a representative of the Embassy via Email.

Important Points to Consider while Applying the Renewal of Passport from Saudi Arabia

There are a few things however that you must make sure of, these are listed down below.

When you wish to apply for renewal of Philippine passports make sure that you do so at least nine months before.

The Applicant should only book one slot.

You can book for your children or family or colleague but make sure that the entry details are supposed to be of them only.

You can send all the details with the same email Id, however, if you send in multiple booking for the same applicant your booking will be canceled by the Embassy.

Small children can be accompanied by their guardians or parents for the picture taking.

Requirements for Renewal of Passport from Saudi Arabia

There are a few things that you must have along with you at the time of your appointment that includes;

Firstly, and importantly print of your online booked Appointment.

Your recent photographs, the previous passport (for renewal), several photocopies and your application form that can be downloaded or obtained from the Embassy’s website or from the Information desk.

A similar requirement is needed while applying for renewal of damaged passport. You’ll need to bring along your damaged passport and affidavit for the damaged passport. A fifteen-day working period is needed before the approval of the replacement application to be processed if you are applying for a lost passport. For this, you must have Report from the Saudi’s Passport Office. It is advisable that you have it in English translation as well.

At the time of scheduled appointment;

Pictures and biometrics will be taken and captured at the encoding area.

Make sure that you review all your documents and applications before you submit them in because whatever you punch in, it will appear on your passport.

At the time of collection of Passport, make sure that you bring along your collection slip. Also, bring the fees in cash since debit and credit cards are not accepted.

The Passport Fee Structure;

is two hundred and forty Saudi Riyal for renewal – SR 240

three hundred and sixty for MRP and six hundred for Lost E-passport – SR 360

and one hundred Saudi Riyal for Report of Birth – SR 100

I hope that I’ve provided you all the basic details while booking an appointment for renewal of your Pilipino Passport. I hope you have a good experience while applying and passport renewal doesn’t become a menace for you any longer!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.