Procedure to Renew Pakistani Passport Online for Overseas Pakistanis

Last updated on May 12th, 2018 at 12:43 pm

Ministry of Interior Pakistan has launched a website recently which will help overseas Pakistanis to renew their passports. Pakistani passport holders are now able to submit applications to renew their machine-readable passports online.

They have published on their website that it takes 16.5 minutes to fill up the application form for renewal of Pakistani passport online. We have explained the procedure to renew Pakistani Passport Online for Overseas Pakistanis below.  In order to apply for the renewal of Pakistani passport online, it must not be valid for more than 7 months.

First of all, you need to click on the link and register your account there. An email code will be sent to your email address for verification along with a PIN code which you need to provide to activate your account.

Log in to your account and create an application for Renewal of your machine-readable passport and provide details for your application.

Provide your address for machine-readable passport delivery.

Pay Fee through a Credit Card/Debit Card. The schedule of the fee has been given in this link It is important to mention here that the fee is non-refundable. Make sure you have provided all the details correctly before making payment of the fee.

Provide the required personal details

Provide your present address in your resident country and permanent address in Pakistan. Currently, the home delivery option is not available in all countries. However, you can always select to deliver your passport at Pakistan Consulate or Pakistan Embassy of the country you live in.

Upload your photographs captured as explained in this link

Upload Copy of your Computerized National Identity Card, copy of your Old Passport (First Two pages), National ID Card copy of parents (in case of minors) and Fingerprint form filled as explained in this link

Review the information you provided, sign the declaration and then submit the application.

Passport Delivery at the given address: Muhammad Rizwan: I have been searching for this information all over the internet but couldn't find a way to track the shipment as Passport Department do not reply timely.

In the website, still application is in the process, an online tracking system of passport website, the message comes, token information is not available. When I sent emails to the email ID's on the website, there was not a single reply in last one-week time.

Finally, today I received my passport and tried searching through DHL website with the above procedure, and found that this is the only way to get to know about the shipment.

For all those, who want to track the passport after Passport Department hand over our passport to courier company. Normally, the email comes to informing passport application has been approved. After that day, you can track the shipment by following below.

Open DHL website with this link

In Shipper's reference, write your Passport Application Tracking ID

In Date Range for Shipment – From, put the date of your application approval, or tentatively, enter the date of your application submission here.

In Date Range for Shipment – To, leave it same as of today's date.

Select the country of your residence (International Destination where you selected your passport delivery, e.g. Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.)

Then click “Track”

You will get the result, if the passport is already shipped, you will get to know its updated status. If not, then that means passport has yet not been dispatched from DHL Islamabad.

I received my passport today in the office, but I have not received any email regarding delivery. The last email received was, application approved, which was on 13 March, and today after receiving the package, I came to know that DHL processed it on 15 March.

Means in these two days, the passport was printed and handed over to DHL for delivery. Hope this helps for those seeking information regarding delivery.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.