Procedure to Remove Huroob Online from Iqama

Huroob is a curse for an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. It means that employee is absent from work and he is not under control of the employer. The sponsor can easily set Huroob from his MOL account for any expatriate working under his sponsorship.

If Police checks iqama of the employee whose Huroob has been set, they will detain the expatriate and deport him ultimately unless a settlement is made between employee and employer.

The process of setting Huroob has been online for a long time but to remove Huroob, the sponsor had to visit Labor Office. Now Labor office has given the facility to remove Huroob online in its web portal.

We will be described in the below article the steps you need to take to remove Huroob online from your Iqama.

Before going into details, it is very important to mention here that this procedure of removing is only one of many other procedures of removing Huroob.

We have explained them in this link “How to Remove Huroob from Iqama”. To check if your iqama is under Huroob, you need to visit this link “How to Check Huroob Status of Iqama Online?”

If it is established that your Iqama is under Huroob, it means that your sponsor is not happy with you. You need to do the things he is asking for. If he is asking for something illegitimate, you can file a case against him in the labor office.

Let’s say, if he had set Huroob due to your absence, you can meet and assure that you will not repeat this again. Once he is satisfied, he may start the process of removing Huroob.

The first step of the process of removal of Huroob is to make payment through SADAD for the removal of Huroob. Recommended: Making Payment for the Removal of Huroob

Now MOL has launched the online system of removal of Huroob. A little while ago, there was no system of removal of Huroob online. Employers had to go to labor office and spend almost one full day there to remove Huroob.

With the online system of removal of Huroob, your employer can log in to MOL web portal and remove the Huroob. He will be removing your Huroob from the above screen.

Once the Huroob is removed by your sponsor, it will take one day to update it in the system. You can check the status of Huroob next day. Once it is removed, you are free to travel all around Saudi Arabia.

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