Procedure to Perform Wudu (Ablution) Properly as per Islam

Muslims follow this ritual of Wudu (Ablution) which is a source of cleanliness. They follow this act religiously for cleaning themselves mentally as well as physically to pray (5 times daily which is one of the five pillars of Islam) or do any kind of Ibadah.  There are certain steps to follow for a complete Wudu (Ablution). If you miss out any of it, your Wudu (Ablution) won’t be accepted and you are not clean to pray. These are called Fard of Wudu (Ablution) and we have explained them in below. It is also important to mention here that cleanliness or wudu is one of the 7 Fard pre-requisites of Salah [irp]

Fard of Wudu (Ablution): There are four Fard (Compulsory) components in Wudu (Ablution). Wudu (Ablution) is not considered complete unless these Fard (Compulsory) components are done

  • Washing both hands and arms including elbows
  • Washing complete face at least once, from hairline to underneath the chin and from ear to ear
  • Doing Mash (Wiping) of hair
  • Washing both feet up to the ankles at least once

Procedure to Perform Wudu (Ablution) Properly as per Islam

INTENTION TO PERFORM WUDU (ABLUTION): Niyyah is an intention which a Muslim makes before carrying out the process for the sake of Almighty Allah. In order to start with Wudu (Ablution), you should clear up your mind with everything and concentrate on this only. For Niyyat just keep an intention in your heart and start it with Bismillah, (In the name of Almighty Allah the most beneficent the most merciful). Saying niyyah out loud in words is not compulsory.

WASH HANDS: Start your Wudu (Ablution) by washing your hands first. Wash your right hand first for three times using your left hand. Repeat washing your left hands three times by using your right hand. Rub in between the fingers as well up till the wrists. This is one of the Fard of Wudu (Ablution) discussed above.

WASH YOUR MOUTH: Take water in your mouth by cupping your right hand. Repeat this for three times. Swish it around the whole mouth till the back of it to thoroughly clean it from any food particle. Spit it out now.

INHALE WATER IN YOUR NOSE: Inhale water into your nose for three times by cupping your right hand. Blow it out by closing one nostril. Don’t inhale too much water otherwise, you will end up choking yourself. Also, if you are unable to inhale water, just wet your lower nostrils with fingers.

WASH FACE: Wash your face from your hairline till the chin and from right to left ears. Repeat this process three times as well. This is one of the Fard of Wudu (Ablution) discussed above.

WASH LOWER ARMS: Wash your left arm three times. Wash it from wrist till your elbows. Do it three times for your right hand using the left hand, repeat this for left hand by using the right hand. This is one of the Fard of Wudu (Ablution) discussed above.

WASH HEAD: Wet your hands now and wipe water from your eyebrows to forehead then above to your head going through your hair. Approach the back side of your neck and your temples. Do it just once. This is one of the Fard of Wudu (Ablution) discussed above.

WIPE EARS: Clean and wipe your ears with wet hands. Rub it inside all the creases and wipe behind the ears using your thumb. Do this for once only. This is one of the Fard of Wudu (Ablution) discussed above.

WASH FEET: Wash each foot three times till the ankles thoroughly. Rub your finger between the toes as well. Do the right foot first and then left. This is one of the Fard of Wudu (Ablution) discussed above.

SHAHADAH: Point your right index finger towards the sky and recite Ash hadu anla ilaaha ill-ALLAHu wah-dahuu laa shariika-lahu wa ash hadu-anna Muhammadan ‘abduhuu wa-rasuluhu.

REPEAT: Repeat Wudu (Ablution) if it is broken due to activities such as defecation, urination, gas, deep sleep or excessive bleeding.  After intercourse, only Wudu (Ablution) is not enough. You will have to perform Ghusl and the “Procedure to Perform Ghusl properly as per Islam” is given in this link. Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to brush teeth (Miswak) before performing Wudu (Ablution).

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