How to do company commercial registration?

Every legal business and company needs to obtain a commercial registration certificate (CR) in order to conduct its business in Saudi Arabia.

The extracts of the records of the Commercial Register are public records and hence available to the general public.

  1. Office in Saudi Arabia

First of all, you need to have an office in Saudi Arabia to apply for a company commercial registration certificate (CR). Obviously, since you have not received a license, you cannot buy property in Saudi Arabia and therefore, you will have to rent the office.

  1. Articles of Association

You need to submit the Articles of Association of your company to the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia for approval. Articles of Association are internal rules of the company which the company must have to follow. Any business lawyer can help you draft AOA for your company. This process takes around 2 days.

Once the Articles of Association are approved by the Ministry of Commerce, all the founders of the company have to sign the AOA in front of the notary public to get a company commercial registration certificate (CR) in Saudi Arabia.

After signing them, you will have to publish the name and Article of the Association in Newspapers. This process may also take around 2 days and cost around SR 10,000.

  1. Deposit the Capital

After this, the next step is to deposit the capital into the bank and receive the Certificate from there. This step may take around 3 days.

  1. Commercial registration fees in Saudi Arabia

Once all these requirements are fulfilled, you need to pay the fee for the company commercial registration certificate (CR) in Saudi Arabia i.e. SR 6000 per year.

Commercial registration fees in Saudi Arabia

  1. Commercial Registry

If the business needs to make any amendments to the existing information at the Commercial Register, then it must make these changes within a period of 30 days of the date of the amendment.

It is vital to also note that the liquidators or heirs of any business cancel the registration of any business or company within 90 days period of the suspension of liquidation of the commercial activity.

  1. Commencing business

After the company has received the commercial registration certificate (CR), there are a few simple procedures or steps which must be followed by the company in order to commence business or start legal operations in Saudi Arabia. These can be completed easily at the SAGIA Business Centers.

  1. Chamber of Commerce

All of the registrants will need to hand in a Certificate of Membership which they are to obtain from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or CCI. This must be however done within 30 days of having the registration done in the Commercial Registry. All of the applicants or registrants will also have to pay a Commercial Registration fee of SAR 2000.

  1. DZIT

The business will need to register with the DZIT to get a file number and the Certificate of Commencement of Business

  1. GOSI Registration

All the employees and employers will have to register with the GOSI

  1. Municipality and Labor Office

All companies must obtain Municipal License prior to registering with Labor Office. Then they must register with the Labor Office to start hiring people.

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