Procedure to get a refund of the Yellow Slip for permanent family visa

We have already explained the procedure to apply for the permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia. The first step is the Payment of Fee for Permanent Family Visa through SADAD. After this, the applicant has to visit Istiqdam office to apply for the Yellow Slip. The permanent family visa is processed in the home country based upon the Yellow Slip issued by the Istiqdam.

In some cases, if you change your program to call your family after the issuance of yellow slip, you are entitled to get a refund of SR 2,000 you have deposited to get the visa. Mr. Ali Zain has shared the experience of getting a refund of the permanent family visa fee of SR 2,000 with us.

Letter from the Employer: The first step to get the refund of the permanent family visa fee is to take a letter from the employer stating that the employee (with full name, iqama number, and passport number) has not used the Permanent Family Visa (Visa Number) to call his family to Saudi Arabia.

The letter issued by the employer needs to be attested by the chamber of commerce of the city where the employer is registered.

Visit the Istiqdam Office: Now you need to visit the same Istiqdam office where you visited at the time of applying for the permanent family visa. They would give you a form to fill. If you don’t know Arabic, you can seek help from someone who knows it or takes it out of the building and gets it filled by some agents for SR 10.

Attach a copy of the yellow slip along with the form and submit it to the designated officer. He will receive the form and inform you that the fee will be fully refunded to the same account which was used to pay it initially in a couple of months.

Unfortunately, you cannot ask them to credit it to some other bank account. This is the reason we always recommend people to pay any SADAD payment from their personal bank account.

In case you have moved to another city, try your luck with the Istiqdam office of the city you are living in. It is important to mention here that Istiqdam offices don’t accept the Chamber of Commerce Stamp of other cities. Make sure you visit the same city Istiqdam office from where your letter has been attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

Time: In the case of Mr. Ali Zain, it took them around 1.5 months to get the refund of permanent family visa. I would like to appreciate his efforts of sharing the experience with the rest of the community.

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