Procedure to follow if Saudi Iqama is lost in Bahrain

One of a regular reader of this blog Mr. Ahmad Shabbir has shared his experience of entering back to Saudi Arabia after his friend lost his Iqama and Vehicle Registration in Bahrain. I am really thankful to him for helping out thousands of expatriates connected with this forum. Living as an expat in Saudi Arabia, one's worst nightmare is losing your iqama and adding to the shock is losing it in Bahrain. Well, we lived that worst nightmare a few days back when I was in Bahrain with my friend. We were at popular city center mall to watch a movie and my friend while coming out of theater lost it somewhere inside the cinema. This is what he thinks and we got to know about it 20 minutes later at Gloria Jeans. We rushed back to the cinema which was cleaned already and the next show was on display. So we were asked to wait until the 11:00 PM till the show ends. Checked it thoroughly after 11:00 pm but nothing to be found. Cutting it short we followed the following steps thereafter;[irp]

Report to Cinema Security as it is different from Mall security and left our number with them in case someone finds it and hands it over to them

Reported it to Mall security main office at exit 3

We were told that there are no cameras inside cinema but other CCTVs can be checked if you report this incident to police and they send us a direct letter.

We went to the nearest Police station which was near Dana and Bahrain Mall. To our surprise police was very helpful and there were many Urdu/Hindi speaking officials. Though, it took some time as there were already some complainants. We elaborated the incident in detail and complaint was filed, we were provided with a card with a complaint number on it. We were asked to come next morning as they need to contact Saudi Embassy for issuing us a letter to travel back.

We went there at 9:00 am next morning we were told to go to CID office near Al Fateh Grand Mosque. Grand Mosque is on highway and road to CID office is complex but again a very nice official at police station shared his mobile data with us and we mark the destination on GPRS.

We reached CID office and for you to curse my dear friend he lost the card with complaint number while walking few steps from car to CID office. Anyhow, we did a round of CID office and were blessed to find it resting on the road.

CID officer after checking our complaint number asked us to come at 1:00 PM which was two hours from the time we were in office. We went back exactly on time and to be safe I took pictures of card not giving my friend one more chance of giving me a heart attack. The letter was ready and after signature, we were provided with two original copies with different serial numbers mentioning the complainant details and details of items lost. These letters were enough to travel back to KSA without Iqama.

One thing I missed we were told at the police station that a detailed letter is sent to city Center security and they will send police CCTV footage of area and time of the incident to check and if the wallet is found my friend will be contacted on provided number.

We went back to City Center to check in case someone handed over a wallet. A lady named Grace at main security office; I am obliged to mention her name as she was very kind. She briefed us that after receiving the letter from police we will check the CCTV footage in case we find wallet we will contact you and police both. In case we find that someone has picked your pocket or took it from the place you might have dropped it we will only inform Police and in both cases, we will hand over a CCTV footage CD to Police.

At passport checking point on Saudi/Bahrain causeway, they asked us to go to hall 1 to get entry permit which was again quite easy and they treated us well. Recommended: What to do if Iqama is Lost?

Now my friend will apply for new iqama with the help of CID Bahrain letter. I hope you don't lose your iqama in Bahrain but if you do please follow the procedure and remember us in your prayers.

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