Procedure to Change the Country in the Yellow Slip (Permanent Family Visa)

We have already shared the procedure to apply for a permanent family visa. Once the permanent family visa or yellow slip is issued, you get 3 days to change the information in it. Once the period has elapsed, you cannot change any information.

The yellow slip is issued for a particular country and a specific embassy or consulate. You cannot use that slip for any other country or embassy. However, a situation might arise in which you have to change the name of the country for which yellow slip has been issued.

We are sharing with you an experience to change the name of the country in Yellow Slip. The experience might help you get your work done.

Once I discussed with you that my wife and son are British national and permanent visa slip is issued for Pakistan as I am from there. Later my wife needs to go the United Kingdom to take care of her father. The Yellow slip was issued for my wife and son.

I wanted to remove her name from visa slip issued to Pakistan. Though Etimad Centre in Pakistan refused to apply for a visa only for my son (by email), change visa slip from Pakistan to the UK was another issue.

We visited Etimad Pakistan and write an application to Embassy (Arabic translated) to apply for a visa only for my son. Etimad Centre says we are submitting this case with special flag/tag and it's the first ever such case but keep in mind chances are not more than 1%.

Anyhow the great courtesy of Embassy of KSA the visa was granted to my son. Then I visited Istiqdam in Jeddah and explain the matter. The officer at the counter referred my case to Manager (Mudeer) who was a nice person.

He understood the matter that my wife is in the UK due to her father health. He canceled the visa slip issued for Pakistan and approved the new visa slip only for my wife for the UK. (Though I paid the fee again my wife visa is in the process with Saudi Embassy in the UK. Both the tasks are done as an exceptional case.

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